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Shooting city scenes with your LEGRIA camcorder

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Shooting movies in the city
Imagine that your movie is an advert for the city you’re visiting or try to capture one slice of city life. Giving yourself a clear goal and story to shoot for will ensure that you shoot the right kind of video to tell your city story. You could focus on fashion, architecture, music or one specific street to make an interesting visual portrait of the ever-changing city.

People by Matteo Ciani Bassetti

Video snapshots

Use Video Snapshot mode to capture small sections of video that tell the story of the city. If the part of the city has interesting sounds it is often worth capturing a longer section of video to be able to use a continuous section of live audio across several separately filmed video clips. Audio Scene Select will automatically tailor the audio recording settings on the camcorder to ensure that the ambient sound of the city is captured clearly.

Tip: Capture the movement of the city. People or public transport are good subjects to show the dynamics of a city and how it changes throughout the day.

Harlem Line Departures by Erich Poole

Keep an eye on the light

One important factor when videoing the city is lighting. You won't always have a choice. Inside museums and other interiors, light is often dimmed. In these situations, try to avoid walking shots. Take a shot from a stable position, hit pause, then set up your next shot.

When you're outdoors, daylight is a good time to shoot and show details though sunlight can sometimes result in harsh shadows. Overcast conditions often give much better results.

Shooting at night requires a little experimentation to get the results you want as light is limited. Try to start shooting at twilight, find well-let locations and use a tripod wherever possible.

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