Choosing our favourite landscape photos

We asked professional photographer, Miles Willis, to choose 3 great landscape shots from the Canon Gallery. So, what did he like about them?

The rock, Frank Olsen

You see a lot of pictures of Aurora so getting your image to stand out is tough. Frank has done that with this incredibly well-timed shot. Getting an interaction between an astronomical event and a land feature is either very lucky or brilliantly planned.

Bayerische Toskana, Thomas Köppl

Thomas Köppl has got his timing just right with this fantastic landscape. It is captured just as the sun streams through the clouds directing your eye towards the trees and hills in the background. Getting down low adds an interesting perspective to the shot. Always look for different angles to shoot from to open up new opportunities.

Hoher Bogen, Walter Fischer

This scene by Walter Fischer really caught our eye as it captures the perfect moment when the sun rises and starts to burn off the mist. We love the wonderful soft glow as the mist clings to the valleys creating a beautiful layered effect. Try to check weather forecasts and watch out for early morning mist.

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