Which composition do you prefer?

Composition is a key element to photography. Whether you conform to the rules or choose the break them, understanding framing and how to shoot a subject is the true creative side to photography.

Here we take a closer look at three shots and tell you why we think they work compositionally well.

  Pateira de Fermentelos, Paulo Silva

Images generally work better when they have a clearly defined focal point such as the jetty on the lake in this shot by Paulo Silva. Without the natural arch of the fallen tree the focal point would be far less distinct. Coupled with beautiful light and a crystal clear reflection really makes this a stand out image. Look for natural frames by shooting your subject though bridges, arches, and windows.

Trabocco Sunrise, Ralf Warner

Leading lines are an often-mentioned rule to good composition. Ralf Warner has used the perspective of the rocks and boardwalk to draw the viewer into the centre of the frame. Also utilising the rule of thirds, placing the horizon 2/3rds of the way up the frame adds to the well-balanced composition. 

To add atmosphere to the shot Ralf has used a long exposure to give the water a smooth feel. Look for leading lines in fences, pylons and even mountain ridges, all can add great perspective to your landscape shots.

  Autumn Leaves, Alexander Schratt

Alexander Schratt has perfectly captured the classic autumnal scene down a tree-lined avenue. Your eye is instinctively led to the vanishing point in the distance. There is just the hint of autumn sunlight in the trees and leaves. Beautifully framed and wonderful detail.

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