Patience reaps rewards

Patience and landscape photography go hand in hand, waiting for key moments can make the difference between a good and a great photo.

Here we look at some examples where waiting for that decisive moment really paid off for the photographer.

Tecza, Mariusz Blaszkiewicz

Imagine this shot without the rainbow. Mariusz would still have had a lovely shot of the clouds but it wouldn't have been nearly as good. Having the patience to wait until the weather does something a bit special is the key to a great picture.

Balade sur la Plage, Denis Dechamps

Denis has really captured this image of horse riders on the beach. Including a clearly defined subject can bring an image to life by adding a clear focal point. Having a little patience and waiting for a person or in this case horse riders to come through a landscape shot also adds interest and a sense of scale to the image.

Kuku Sonce, Marjana Papež

In this forest scene Marjana has shown that looking for just a hint of light can transform your images. What makes this shot really work is the tiny patch of green on the forest floor. Spending time in the environment and watching how light interacts with the landscape is key to getting great landscape shots.

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