Quick portrait checklist

Five things you need to think about before shooting portraits

1. Think about your light source e.g. direct sun, shade, indoors or by a window. Position your subject to make the most of natural light

2. Consider your location, look at the background and be careful of distracting elements

3. Select the right lens for your composition, longer focal lengths for headshots or wide angle for a portrait taking in the scene

4. Think about your camera settings, like the exposure, to achieve the look you require

5. Make the effort to keep your subject interested and relaxed whilst shooting.

Gorgeous Bride, Andrej Nikolajew

Andrej has done a brilliant job in creating this stunning bridal portrait. Each of the elements has been carefully thought out and put into practice. Soft, diffused lighting with no harsh shadows, a unique, interesting yet relaxed pose, a carefully chosen location providing distraction-free background. Great shot.

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Stay Informed

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