Your new binoculars

Your new binoculars

Your new binoculars

Your new binoculars

Your new binoculars

My New Binoculars, Guide 2:
Out and about with your binoculars

Often people buy binoculars for a specific use, whether it is to enjoy wildlife and nature, to use out on the waves or to view the Solar System. We hope this guide will give you some tips within your chosen interests to go out and explore more and develop those interests further. Even if you have one particular use in mind it’s sometimes useful to think of other areas you might enjoy even more with your new purchase.

Spotting wildlife

Binoculars definitely add to the pleasure of watching nature and are a favoured companion for birdwatchers in particular.

The RSPB website is packed with ideas of places to go to enjoy nature, and how you can correctly identify and spot birds which you may find along the way.

Rutland Water Nature Reserve is a fantastic place to view birds and has a leading birdwatching event each year.

Here are few pointers for using your binoculars
•  Have them within reach at all times just in case you spot something in the distance
•  It can help to have them on a short fitting around your neck for ease of access
•  When you see a bird, a good technique is to keep your eye on the bird (don’t look away or down) and gradually bring the binoculars to your eyes then it should be still within your line of sight.

Out and about with your binoculars - Canon

Marine use

Binoculars are an essential piece of marine kit so you can keep an eye on other boats and obstacles or incoming weather. They can also be useful if you go on boat trips during your holidays for observing wildlife and the surroundings. For watching boat races and yachting events, your binoculars will allow you to get close to the action from the sidelines.

If that’s an area of interest, the Royal Yachting Association has a list of all the key events during the year.

Out and about with your binoculars - Canon
Star gazing

Although telescopes are associated with astronomy, binoculars can actually be easier to use for star gazing, and spotting events in the sky.

There are several sites such as CalSKY that tell you what you can expect to see from your location each day.

When starting out, try observing the more obvious constellations and planets and gradually build up your knowledge. It takes time to become an expert.

Sports watching

Great places to take binoculars for watching sports include;


A pair of binoculars help to see what exactly is happening at the crease. If you want to find where cricket matches are the ECB has it covered.

Horse racing:

There may be big screens at many race meets, but binoculars still add to the thrill of the day. The British Horseracing Authority to has a calendar of meetings around the country.

Motor racing:

A pair of binoculars are a handy accessory at many types of motor racing events. Check out what events are on near you at Go Motorsport.


You see a lot of binoculars pointing upwards when an airshow is on. Mainly held in the spring and summer, you can check out when they are on at British Airshows.

Taking binoculars on your travels

Whether you are trekking across amazing landscape or scaling tall buildings your binoculars will be a valuable companion. When you are out, keep them out of the case ready for use. That way you’ll use them a lot more often. Also you won’t miss anything.

You’ll be surprised how much more detail you’ll pick up, for instance studying the intricate details of historical buildings and if you’re at a viewpoint you can easily locate iconic buildings.