The benefits of using genuine Canon inks and paper

Canon PIXMA printers have a great reputation for producing top quality prints. However using a PIXMA printer is just the start, you also need to use genuine Canon inks and photo paper. The combination of all three produces long-lasting beautiful photos.

PIXMA printers have been designed to work specifically with Canon inks and photo paper. Canon inks work together with the micro-porous coated Canon photo paper to lock rich and vibrant colours below the paper surface. The result is prints that dry quicker, last longer and have a glossier finish.

There is a suitable Canon photo paper for every occasion from matte to semi-gloss

  • Photo Paper Pro Platinum (PT-101) and Photo Paper Pro II (PR-201):  Perfect for professional prints with a studio finish 
  •  Photo Paper Plus (PP-201)  Ideal for the serious amateur who wants to show off their images
  • Semi-Gloss Photo Paper (SG-201) Giving the ideal semi-gloss finish
  • Glossy Photo Paper (GP-501):  The everyday choice, suitable for printing your holiday memories
  • Creative Media (MP-101 & HR-101N): With high brightness, these are the right choice for eye catching displays with vivid colours

Combining Canon Photo paper with genuine Canon inks will give you vibrant, high quality prints that bring your photos to life for up to 100 years.

If you own a PIXMA printer, you owe it to yourself (and your PIXMA) to use genuine products. And the simplest way to get the right ones is via the Canon Store. Visit the store now.

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