A guide to printing your images


If you want to make sure your prints match up with what you see on your computer or LCD screen, then follow our tips to printing great photos with PIXMA printers:

1) PAPER SIZE - don't get too ambitious, a low resolution image stretched to print on a large paper size will result in a low quality print. PIXMA printers can support a wide range of paper sizes from 10x15cm to A3+ but only print on larger paper sizes if your images are high resolution.

2) GENUINE INK - use genuine Canon inks produce high quality images and increase longevity of the print out. For ultimate photo prints and accurate colours, use printers that have single ink systems, as they will have the ability to reproduce colours from your image more accurately.

3) PAPER TYPE - choose from a wide range of Canon photo papers to give your final printed images a different look and feel, PIXMA printers support a wide range of photo paper types, such as glossy, matte or even textured. We recommend using a Canon PIXMA Printer with genuine Canon Ink and Canon Photo Paper as they are designed to work together to produce the optimum quality photo prints.

4) PRINTER SETTINGS - when selecting the image and printing, make sure you adjust your printer settings to give you the best image. Select options such as Photo Print and High Quality as well as the correct Paper Type and Size.

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