What are the quick rules for video?

With Canon's cameras you can take great quality movies. Many even offer Full HD amongst their features. Follow a few simple steps and you can make videos that capture the fun and excitement and do your subject justice.

Think landscape
TV and computer screens are landscape format, so it is best to record your movies that way round. But never change from portrait to landscape (or vice versa) part way through a recording.

If you do shoot in portrait; then software that comes with your Canon camera will rotate the video. Although it will correct the image, your movie will be tall and narrow, with a lot of your screen showing nothing. Download the latest version of ImageBrowser EX.

Avoid too much movement
Plan the shot you are going to take beforehand to avoid too much zooming and following your subject about. This is known as fire hosing and makes watching very tiring and distracting for viewers.

Keep it quiet
When you shoot movies, conversations and background noises can be heard. So make sure there is quiet around you (for example switch off the TV and air conditioning). Also remember to direct people before filming, not during!

Tell a story
If you were to take a series of related still photos, you may want to plan ahead on subject or location. It's even more important with movies. Plan the clips you are shooting, thinking about where they will fit together in your final video.

The IXUS 255 HS, PowerShot N, SX270 HS, and SX280 HS feature Hybrid Auto which combines the best of still and movies. When you take photos with Hybrid Auto it can also capture a 4 second movie clip before each shot – combining them into a fun HD (720p) movie.

Edit what you take
Once you have taken your clips you should join them to create your movie. Canon ImageBrowser EX lets you join clips, add effects transitions and text. You can even add an audio track to add a mood to your movie. Download the latest version of ImageBrowser EX.

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