Tutorial: Autumn Skies Photography

Autumn Skies

Late autumn skies may be grey more often than summer ones but there are still wonderful images to be captured. With more clouds in the sky, they become more important features in your photos.

Making clouds a feature means looking at the composition of your photos in a slightly different way; the sky will often form a much larger part of the image. This article covers the techniques but also shows great examples taken by You Connect members.

Topics covered:

• Getting the lighting right
• Cloud forms
• Elements of sky photography
• Black & white
• Color Accent
• Sunrise and sunset
• Rule of thirds

Bonnie banks, © Douglas McMinn 2011, Canon PowerShot SX110 IS

Getting the lighting right
Your brain automatically compensates for changes in light, so that a sheet of paper appears white whether we view it in daylight or with indoor lighting. Auto White Balance (AWB) on your Canon camera ensures your camera behaves in the same way - making sure colours are accurate whatever the lighting conditions are.

Most of the time the AWB setting will give you great results; however adjusting the white balance to 'Cloudy' on the greyer days of autumn will bring out the colours you see in front of you. Experiment with different white balance settings for the same subject to see which you like best.

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