10 simple and exciting ways to capture Christmas

With Christmas Day nearly upon us and so much still to do, it's easy to forget to capture the day amongst all the festivities. Yet with a little preparation and some simple tips you can shoot and share your day in new and fun ways.

1. Be prepared
Wherever you are celebrating Christmas, remember to have your camera ready so you can capture some beautiful moments to share and cherish.

You don't want to miss that golden moment. Remember to make sure your batteries are charged with extras at hand. Memory cards should be empty and ready to fill up.

Start thinking about the sort of images you want to capture; hanging out stockings, the anticipation on childrens' faces and the frantic excitement of tearing open wrapping paper. As the day moves on, consider your next scenario which could be preparing food, setting the Christmas table, carving the turkey and pulling crackers. All of which will give you a great opportunity for a fantastic range of photos which will be remembered for years to come.

2. Your nearest and dearest
Christmas is about spending time with the ones you love. Make the most of this special time together by capturing the emotion of the day through some wonderful images that you will be proud of and want to share.

Shoot images where your subject is not in the centre, you'll get a better picture and a sense of the atmosphere. Practice and trust your instincts - you'll know when something just looks right.


3. A warm glow
Capture cosy pictures by turning off the flash. Use table lamps and smaller lights to create a warm gentle effect.

A warm glow

4. Make a movie
Capture the day through video and share with family and friends who can't be with you. Your movie could include present-opening, pulling crackers, telling jokes or playing with new toys. You may even want to try re-wrapping one end of a large box and capture someone opening a present from inside.

Capturing games in your movie can be fun as people get so animated. Whether it's an old-fashioned board game or the latest games console, try shooting people at play.

Quite often you will find that the most exciting videos are less than 10 seconds.

Make a movie

5. Before and after
Tell Christmas stories by shooting pairs of images that have a before and after theme.

  • The tree with presents nestled beneath / a sea of torn wrapping paper.
  • Group shot of guests on arrival / at the end of the day.
  • The dinner table laden with food / after everyone has finished.
  • A full bowl of sweets / empty except for a few no one likes.

Try to shoot from the same spot for both pictures. Later you can put them together as a quirky little slide show.


6. Venture outside
There is lots to photograph outside if you fancy walking off a big lunch. Normally busy places like high streets and town centres are deserted and great to shoot.


7. The more the merrier
Don't be afraid to shoot lots of images. You can sort and edit them later. After all, those magic Christmas moments can quickly disappear.


8. Get creative
There are a wide variety of fun and engaging activities that you can do with your photos, including making gift boxes, face masks, puzzles and toys. Use Creative Park to print free Christmassy thank you cards. To find out more click here.

Did you know you can print straight from Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox? Click here to find out more.

9. A special print to take away
Give your guests a lasting memory of the big day by printing a selection of images for them to take away. Write a personal message on the pictures to make an instant memory to cherish.

There are a number of interesting and creative ways to display your photos. Why not try putting them in individual jam jars for a unique effect? To learn how and why watch Will Taylor's inspiring video.

Your Christmas guests may want to wirelessly print their Christmas moments to your PIXMA printer. To find out how to do this, please go here. If new to wireless printing you may find reading the Wi-Fi setup guide useful.


10. Share
If you can't be with all of the ones you love, you can still share moments from the big day. Many Canon cameras have a Wi-Fi sharing function. This lets you pick and post pictures on social media quickly or send them instantly to your smartphone or tablet. Try experimenting with some of the ideas we've given you and see how fast you can share them. If other friends and family are doing the same, it could get really competitive.

Everyone at Canon wishes you a magical Christmas and we hope you enjoy capturing the special day.