This month we’re exploring new ways to capture authentic emotions. The aim is to help you enhance your images and form deeper connections with your viewers.

Human emotions don’t follow any set rules – they’re spontaneous and based on what someone is feeling - so having your camera close to hand is one of the first rules of capturing them. Unplanned shots can give you great results. Try shooting when your subject’s not expecting it – or press the shutter just after they think you’ve taken a shot. They’ll look far more natural and relaxed.

Whether you’re shooting to share your images or simply for yourself, our tutorials will help you capture moods and feelings more effectively.

Capturing emotion-packed movies using LEGRIA

Here are some useful techniques for shooting movies which convey emotion using your LEGRIA camcorder.

LEGRIA tips - Canon

Evan Wilson
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Use objects close to the camera to help create space in your movies. And be ready to move in close to the objects to reduce the depth of field and gain a cinematic effect.

If you are moving the camera to track a moving subject you can use elements of the scene close to the camera to create edit points that will let you change the view easily in the edit. 

Use focus lock

Practise using the focus lock if your camera has it, then pan the camera with the subject letting the object closest to the lens become larger in the frame, even obscuring the main character in your movies. Professional movie-makers called this technique ‘motivational transition.’

Now you can change the camera position to view your subject as they pass the object. In effect the distraction is a great point to edit with and allows the movie to show more than one view of the character being filmed.

Use the focus to home in on a static element like a chair or bench. Have the subject walk in to the frame and stop by the bench. When the subject moves away follow them with the camera. Moving the camera is a key skill for making movies with interest. Professional filmmakers call this technique ‘motivational panning.’

Share your movies using Wi-Fi

When you’ve captured movies with your LEGRIA camcorder, use the wireless function to share the results with family and friends.

LEGRIA camcorders have several ways to use wireless. They can be controlled from your web browser and the movies on the camcorder played back on a tablet or smartphone, using the CameraAccess app on your smart device over Wi-Fi.