Capturing the rhythms of global cities

This month our tips and tutorials are designed to help you seek out the unusual and unexplored sides of cities and capture the essence of them in your images and movies.

Increasing urbanisation means more people in more parts of the world are choosing to live, work and play in cities. These urban melting pots of culture, architecture, food and ideas often define the culture of their countries and attract visitors in search of authentic experiences. They also offer round-the-clock opportunities to capture stunning photos and movies.

ever-changing city - Canon
Melbourne by Ralf Kaldenhoff

Embrace the creative challenge of cities

Urban landscapes and the people who inhabit them present a creative challenge that’s worth embracing. People working, markets, revellers and unusually lit architecture are all good opportunities to capture evocative images. So when you’re out photographing the city, aim to convey the sights, sounds, smells and details in your images.

Explore and experiment

Part of the joy of photographing a city is exploring it. So go beyond the regular tourist haunts, and get to know the real city – the places where locals hang out and go about their everyday business.

Making use of automated shooting modes means that your camera can capture the city as it unfolds before you. But don’t afraid to experiment with modes you might not normally use. After all you are a visitor, an observer - and a photographer. Take a little longer to stop, stare, think and get the images you want.