Photography Tutorial: Festive photography

Photography Tutorial: Festive photography

Making movies
Most Canon cameras offer a movie mode. This is perfect for family and party photography. You can capture the changing expressions of children as they unwrap presents, and record events as they happen over the holiday period.

Here are some simple tips:

• Keep the scenes short. If the scene is too long people will become bored watching it; lots of short scenes provide a better watching experience
• Remember, don’t try to shoot movies with the camera turned through 90 degrees into portrait format – as this will make watching the footage on a TV difficult
• Definitely don’t swap between landscape and portrait part way through a movie
• Don’t try to emulate professional film-makers with their extended tracking shots and focus changes, keep the camera still for each short sequence
• Avoid fast or excessive zooming. A zoom shot is more effective if used occasionally, and the zoom is performed slowly.

Software for editing movies on a computer is readily available. Use it to create short movies your family and friends will want to watch.

Check your supplies
Digital cameras do not need much to keep them running – just batteries and memory cards. If you plan to take a lot of pictures over several days, it is worth putting the battery on charge each night to keep it at full power. And if you are visiting friends and relations it might not be possible to download the image files to your computer at the end of each day, so it is always worth having a spare card available.

Finally, don’t forget that taking the photographs is only half the story, making prints for family and friends brings the photos to life. So don’t forget to make sure that you also have plenty of photo paper and spare print cartridges. Visit the Canon Store now to select the right ones for your PIXMA or SELPHY.

If you don’t own a PIXMA, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a Christmas present. Learn more about the right model for you.

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