Compact camera tutorial

Every city's history is scattered with stories of loss and triumph, ruin and renaissance and tales of shifting cultures and communities. Details from the past are often left behind and with a little digging and watchful eyes you can discover these visible reminders of how a city used to be. These are certainly worth exploring as they can make remarkable photos.

• Capturing people and places
• Shooting old and new
• Capturing reflections

Capturing people and places

In many European cities, some streets have a mix of older, traditional restaurants next to newer stores with a young clientele. Shooting the old alongside the new, and having people in your shot, can be an inventive way to create a visual juxtaposition.

TIP: Set your camera to capture several images quickly to capture street scenes effectively. Sports scene mode tells your camera to shoot continuously whilst you press the shutter.

Shooting old and new

In cities like Prague, Moscow or Marrakech, with many people and colourful pasts there will be a wide selection of buildings and vehicles. Try to seek out old cars positioned in amongst the modern architecture or vice versa.

Capturing reflections

Reflections are a useful way to convey a sense of a city’s history in your photos. Use the multi-angle LCD screen to allow you to compose your frame with the city reflected in puddles of rainwater. This kind of photography is best at night when the lights of the city will be creating colourful abstracts of the city.

In daylight, glass and steel structures reflect what is around them. Look out for the reflection of old landscapes and buildings in new structures.

history - Canon
Glen Scarborough: Haas House

Miniature effect

Several cameras include the capability to make pictures with a Miniature effect. The camera will selectively blur both the foreground and background to make a narrow section of focus in the image and the effect makes the scene look as if it was a model or miniature scene. Experiment until you find the best result.

Use the environment as a frame for your pictures

Keep looking for the ideal location where you can view the city through an old, maybe broken, window or doorway. Most cities have a network of older small alleys that offer a unique view of the larger sprawling environment beyond. Use the LCD screen to visualise the scene and be ready to move the camera from eye height - up – down – left – right. Search for a view of the new and shoot if from the old parts of the city.

history - Canon
GollyGforce: Window of Opportunity