Macro Photography Tutorial

Close-ups with EOS cameras If you own a Canon EOS camera then macro photography will involve an additional piece of equipment.

There are three ways to achieve a macro shot :

  • Close-up lenses
  • EF Extension Tubes
  • Macro lenses

Close-up lenses
A close-up lens is the simplest and least expensive way to shoot close-ups with an EOS camera. It screws to the filter mount at the front of the camera lens and acts in much the same way as a magnifying glass.

Canon makes close-up lenses in two different strengths – CU 250D (+4 dioptres) and CU 500D (+2 dioptres). The +4 dioptre lens is the strongest, giving magnifications up to half life-size (depending on the camera lens used). There is no change to the camera functions – though autofocusing may not work at very close distances. Exposure metering operates as normal.

EF Extension Tubes
You might have noticed that some lenses extend in length as you focus closer. Increasing the distance between the lens and the camera body with an extension tube lets you focus closer still. The tube contains no optical elements but maintains the electrical connections between the lens and your EOS camera.

Canon EF Extension Tubes are available in lengths of 12mm and 25mm. The longer tube gives the greatest magnification – more than life-size with some camera lenses. Some light loss occurs with a tube fitted, so an increase in exposure is needed – this is handled automatically with autoexposure metering. Autofocusing might be affected, especially with the 25mm tube, so manually focusing is usually recommended.

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