Compact camera tutorial

Tips and techniques with your compact camera

A new year is full of new experiences, new opportunities and new challenges. It’s also a chance to reflect on the journey you have taken and to see how far you have come as a photographer – to think about the photos and videos you’re proud of and areas where you’d like to improve. Use the coming year to push yourself even further and develop your skills.

New year - Canon
Georgie Pauwels – Colourful
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  • Plan for the year ahead
  • Online photo storage
  • Look back and learn
  • Try shooting RAW
  • Learn to use Manual mode

Plan for the year ahead

Take some time to research events where you think you might have the opportunity to capture great shots in the coming year. Planning well in advance will also give you a reason to explore what your camera is capable of, so you can really get the best out of it.

Start learning how to set your camera to shoot great cityscapes so that it becomes second nature when you make your first trips to new places. This will help you to take better pictures.

Online photo storage

Pictures are precious. Your camera memory cards are probably full of pictures – ones that you want to organise and store safely. It’s a good idea to upload them to an online photo site like irista, so you know they’re safe and you can easily choose which ones to share with your friends, family - or the whole world.

Look back and learn

If you’ve taken plenty of pictures with your camera it’s always good to look back over them and try to work out how you might make even better pictures in the coming year. Many photographers find that they predominantly use automatic settings, and in some cases a bit more control customisation would make better pictures.

Tip: The best pictures to learn from might be the ones you don’t like very much.

Try shooting RAW

Shooting RAW images will give you the highest quality. Some PowerShot cameras, especially the G-series, can shoot RAW images. Have a look in your instruction manual to see what your camera can do. You’ll need to use some software on your computer to process the RAW images – you can download Canon’s Digital Photo Professional from the Canon website and can process PowerShot RAW images.

New year - Canon
Stig Nygaard – The Swing Carousel
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Learn to use Manual mode

When you use the Manual mode, you have more control over your photography. You can control the shutter speed and aperture, even ISO if you prefer. This allows you to get really creative with your photography – most of the PowerShot SX-series and G-series cameras have Manual modes.

First, start with Auto ISO, then choose the shutter speed to determine how you capture movement. In low light conditions, slow shutter speeds will record movement more artistically which can really enhance your pictures.

Use the aperture to control the depth of field – just select the smallest numbered f-stop value and aim to get as close to your subject as possible to limit the depth of field for more striking pictures with the subject separated from the background.

New year - Canon
Disco-Dan – Lonely Bucket
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