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Tips and techniques with your PIXMA

A new year is full of new experiences, new opportunities and new challenges. It’s also a chance to reflect on the journey you have taken and to see how far you have come as a photographer – to think about the photos and videos you’re proud of and areas where you’d like to improve. Use the coming year to push yourself even further and develop your skills.

New year - Canon
Roberto Ventre – Jump!
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Print your photos

Everyone loves printed photos and they’re still a great way to share moments from throughout the year with friends and family. It’s important to choose good photo paper when printing – like Canon’s Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, to help give your prints a nice glossy finish. My Image Garden is a handy software application that allows you to organise and print your photos easily. This software will let you choose from various layouts to insert several photos on a single page to print.

Make a calendar

Personal calendars make great gifts for friends and family – or you can just make one for yourself. My Image Garden software creates personal calendars using your photos. It’s really easy to use – just select the best pictures and either make a single page with the whole year on or make a set of 12 individual months. Since calendars are not usually framed, make sure you use a good quality paper like Canon’s Matte Photo Paper which is suitable for more creative uses, such as greetings cards, displays and paper craft.