Using high ISO settings
Most cameras have a built-in flash. This lets you take photographs any time, anywhere. Some of the shooting modes on the camera will automatically activate the flash in low light, or if the subject is backlit. However, there are times when it is better to shoot without flash; for example if your subject is quite a distance away or you do not want to disturb it.

Instead, you can increase the ISO setting. This makes the camera more sensitive to the light available. You might still be able to use a relatively fast shutter speed, although this is less important if the camera or lens has optical Image Stabilizer technology. But do remember to switch off the flash.

Many Digital IXUS and PowerShot models offer ISO speeds up to 3200, while the latest EOS models go even higher (up to an amazing ISO 102,400 on the new EOS-1D

Movie mode
Finally, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should experiment with the Movie mode on your camera. Many of the latest Canon cameras can shoot HD movies so high quality still and movie photography are possible with a single camera. The results from Movie mode are exceptionally good; in fact, professional moviemakers are attracted by Movie mode on EOS cameras because of the large sensor size and the range of lenses available.


This allows movies to be shot with that ‘ Hollywood’ look thanks to a much shallower depth-of-field, than is possible with most camcorders.

Now try it for yourself!
Your Canon camera offers a huge range of features to unleash your creative potential. If you can’t find the features described, then check your instruction manual which will help you make the most of your Canon. So discover more of your potential (and your camera’s) by getting out there, trying something new and then uploading it in the Gallery!

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