Tell your story through video

Tell your story through video - Canon
© Phil Coates

Telling a story of an event or happening on video is a great way to hone your video skills using your LEGRIA or the video functions on your EOS DSLR. You could aim to create your own short news report or a documentary on a natural phenomenon happening nearby, a day in the life of someone you know or about your local community.

To tell a story succinctly in a movie requires you to think about lots more than the event itself. You will need to film the background to your story too. Consider the story you want to tell and work out what you're going to shoot to give it a beginning, middle and end.

Consider shooting action which details the context and environment of the movie to establish the time, place and subject matter of your documentary.  These elements are typically filmed with a wide-angle view and provide a way to set the scene and get the viewer's attention and understanding of the place at the start of the story.

You should then aim to shoot progressively tighter shots until the main point of the story is in close detail, large in the frame.  Remember to also take some still images with your video camera; when it comes to editing they will help to be a bridge between each of your video clips.

Interviews with the people in your film will add flavour; you may want to use a tripod if you're planning to talk to people on camera for any length of time.