Tutorial: Portrait Photography


Many people feel self-conscious when a camera is pointed at them. They often have difficulty striking a pose that looks natural and comfortable.

Ask your subject to stand at an angle to the camera, with their head turned towards the lens. This creates a lively, interesting pose.

A nervous subject will feel more relaxed sitting down. Use a stool so that it can be cropped out of the picture – a chair back can be obtrusive. Ask the subject to lean forward so that the pose is more dynamic.

Standing poses are difficult for many people – they never know what to do with their hands. One solution is to give them something to hold, or to lean against. A keen gardener, for example, could grasp a spade.

Alternatively, fill the frame with just the upper part of the body. Close-ups of the face are powerful, as this is where most of the character comes from. Ask the person to look straight into the camera lens if you want a strong image with impact.

Take several shots as a minimum – some people have the ability to blink at the precise moment of exposure. Facial expressions can change in a moment – use the continuous shooting mode of the camera to shoot a number of pictures in quick succession. You can select your favourites later.

Enter the Gallery
Now you have read this tutorial we hope you have discovered many of the simple techniques that will make a difference to your next portrait photographs. So, set up a shoot, select your favourite images and enter them in the Gallery. Next month your photo could be displayed as one of the best!

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