Tutorial: Portrait Photography

Perfect portraits

Many photographers find it difficult to take pictures of people, especially when a formal image is required. The following tips and techniques will help you to plan a perfect portrait shoot.


This tutorial covers:
• Preparation
• Natural lighting
• Electronic flash 
• Portrait lenses and settings 

Have you been asked to take a few portrait pictures? If so, discuss what is wanted. You can add your own creative ideas, but there is no point producing superb black-and-white images if colour photographs are expected.

Are you going to shoot with a garden, house or interior as a background? These can be good for family pictures, helping to locate people at a particular point in their lives. Some children are photographed at the same time each year to show how they and their surroundings change with the passage of time.

If the photographs are for a CV or business report, you might want a plain background. A painted wall indoors might be adequate, or you can hang a sheet outdoors and use this as a background.

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