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Telling compelling stories through images and movies

Creating great images that can convey a story or message to your viewers requires a combination of technical and artistic skills.

Canon cameras have a wide range of technology and features that will help you achieve the technical aspects of storytelling. But deciding what you include in the frame, what you leave out and the placement of key elements in your image all require your thought and artistic decisions.

Whichever camera you’re using, there is a range of techniques to tell a story through your photos. Canon tutor, Brian Worley explains how to get the most from your camera. He also reveals useful tips for shooting with your LEGRIA and explains how you add an extra element to your visual stories by printing your images using a PIXMA Wi-Fi printer.

Printing stories with PIXMA Cloud Link

PIXMA printers with enhanced PIXMA Cloud Link allow you to view and print online content direct from your printer screen - or remotely using the Canon PIXMA Printing Solutions app.

Telling compelling stories through images and movies-canon

Glasseyes View, Worst case
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Download the app for free for your Android and iOS devices and you can easily browse and print high quality images straight from your online photo storage albums. These include on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, Facebook, Dropbox, GoogleDrive and Flickr.

So once you’ve uploaded your images to your preferred online photo site, use PIXMA Cloud Link and the PIXMA Printing Solutions to create high quality prints. Prints make great talking points at home and unique creative gifts for friends and family. Printing your photos also means your stories can be appreciated by a wider audience.

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