Tutorial: What makes a great photo

Show your photos to a wider audience

The Gallery is one of the most popular areas of You Connect; there were more than 19,000 entries in the recent competition. What makes pictures stand out and become selected for the Gallery?

Journey, You Connect member Aaron Cheeseman, Canon EOS 7D

Learn more about the winning photos from the competition and why they were chosen by the judges. To discover what makes a standout photo, read this tutorial. We will cover the following:

     • Photographic themes
     • The type of camera
     • Different landscapes
     • Try black & white
     • Add colour
     • Picture Style
     • Metering mode
     • Exposure compensation
     • Shooting modes
     • Take a last look

Photographic themes
Each month, there is a theme for the You Connect Gallery. Typically the Tutorial will link to this theme so it is a good place to understand the relevant features on your Canon camera and techniques to consider. But you also need to think about what will make your photos stand out amongst the many entries. Next month’s Gallery will show the photos that best show the season changing from winter to spring.

The type of camera
Good photos capture a memorable moment; they do not require the best equipment. So don’t worry if you don’t have the latest EOS and a wide range of lenses; the pictures chosen for the Gallery are often taken on simple equipment. Gary Knight, one of the Canon Ambassadors, frequently uses just one prime lens so that he can concentrate on the photo he is taking.

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