The partnership has now delivered over £6 million cost savings

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Solid foundations

Fife Council has worked with Canon for over a decade to achieve significant efficiencies in their print and document management strategy. The partnership is built on collaboration, trust, and clearly defined goals, with Canon providing technology, services, best practice, and inspiration, that supports Fife in delivering their citizen and employee centric services. During the first phase of the partnership in 2008, Canon strategically supported the council to achieve considerable cost and sustainability gains by reducing the number of print devices from over 6,700 to 1,547, and by deploying new digital strategies to maximise the existing infrastructure through its managed print service. “When we embarked on our journey with Canon, there was little continuity to be found between our printing systems” says Allan Halliday, Operations Logistics Manager and Managed Print Services Lead Officer.

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Researching the market

In order to maintain its status as a forward-thinking digital council that delivers first class services to the citizen, Fife needed to re-visit its strategy, and in 2014 set the new ambitions of accelerating their digital transformation, discovering new efficiencies, and delivering further cost savings. “We never stand still, and are always looking at how we can improve on everything we do.”

Fife’s invitation to tender identified that while the council had already made substantial savings on print volumes, it now needed to increase its scanning and work flow capability to achieve the next phase of its ambitions, and to continue the shift away from paper intensive processes.

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Canon awarded the second tender

Through a competitive process, Canon were awarded the contract via the Scottish Procurement Office Equipment framework. “Once again Canon’s technology, exceptional support and thorough understanding of our organisation ensured our goals of not only working even more efficiently but also delivering exceptional front-line services would be achieved,” says Allan.

To support Fife’s desire to secure their citizens information, Canon deployed an enterprise wide scanning and print solution, allowing the secure, fast and accurate scanning of documents into a single repository, whilst simultaneously supporting secure, mobile enabled, highly productive end user printing.

The Client Services Manager (CSM) is integral to the partnership, and drives continuous improvement through a prescribed print policy and the recommendation of new innovations. The CSM supports and empowers staff throughout implementation and change, ensuring cultural barriers to digital adoption are overcome. Success in this area has been noted within Fife’s customer satisfaction survey, with extremely positive response received.

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Our annual survey of our users confirms that operators are very satisfied with this culture change and the new way of working.

Allan Halliday, Operations and Logistics Manager

The bigger picture

Within the wider Council organisation, the council has also adopted Canon technology to support its specialist printing needs. “Our central print unit depends on Canon digital presses and workflow solutions to enable to effective production of display and promotional items, and our Building Services department relies on the easy-to-use, high quality output of maps and construction drawings from the ColorWave.”

“Canon shares our commitment to social responsibility, and we are delighted to be working with them to make a difference to people in our local community by Canon employing two apprentices as part of the Community Benefits in Procurement strategy” This initiative is driven by the Scottish Government that requires added value from suppliers in contributing to the community.

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Canon’s expertise and technology has enabled us to evolve our Managed Print Service in to a Managed Document Service providing further reduction in costs, increase in productivity, and supporting the greater focus on the employees and citizens of Fife.

Allan Halliday, Operations and Logistics Manager

Centre of excellence

The recognition of Fife Council as a centre of excellence is well founded. Fife is visited regularly by other authorities and places of education who are seeking advice on how to emulate its ground-breaking solution and future vision.

“We have always been an aspirational council,” says Allan, “and we want to share best practice about what how we are achieving efficiencies. Our collaborative partnership with Canon has been an integral part of our success, ever since we embarked on this journey together 10 years ago.” The partnership has now delivered over £6 million cost savings and continues to reduce paper consumption by 2.5 million pages each year.

Concludes Allan, “Canon’s in-depth business and Managed Print intelligence supports the streamlining of Council services allowing us to focus on strategic continuous improvements in other areas. Such is the strength of our partnership with Canon, we are proud to share best practice and collaborate with other councils who are under taking the digital transformation journey”.

For more than 10 years, our collaborative partnership with Canon has been integral to our success as an aspirational council, making a difference to people in our local community.

Allan Halliday, Operations and Logistics Manager