Corporate Photo & Video

High quality photography and video for your organisation are important communication tools that are vital in growing brand awareness and sending the right message to your customers. Canon has a wide range of camera, video, broadcast lenses, streaming and workflow solutions which offer cost-effective and time-efficient ways to master your visual marketing.
Corporate Photography and Video

Present your business beautifully

From social media to annual reports and corporate communications, creating high quality images and video in-house helps to reduce costs and allows you to keep a grip on control and maintain consistent high standards. It’s absolutely vital to do this in order to present the right corporate image and spread your message in the right way. Our range of professional DSLRs, lightweight mirrorless cameras and video systems produce stunning content and offer industry standard connectivity, with lenses that deliver incredible image quality. Read on and discover how Canon has the right solution for your business – your corporate image is in safe hands.

  • High quality content that’s easy to create

    Create and easily share images and videos for your website, internal PR or social media use that pop with accurate colour, have superb sharpness and look great on screen thanks to our high resolution sensors.

  • Stills and video with a hybrid solution

    Consistent and high-quality operation with exceptional results from cameras that can do it all with intuitive control, with recording and streaming capabilities for sharing your events to the world.

  • Superb reliability

    Canon has a great reputation for products that are built to perform time after time with high efficiency. Power your cameras via AC Adapter or battery and enjoy many years of operation thanks to legendary Canon durability.

  • Connectivity with effortless control

    Enjoy seamless camera control with consistent open-source SDK via USB with precise synchronisation.


A solution for every need

Corporate content takes many forms such as stil images and video, and increasingly streaming and broadcast. The right equipment is an important consideration, which is why we have a range of cameras for every ability and purpose.
Canon cameras and lenses for high quality content

Canon cameras and lenses for high quality content

Canon’s award-winning range of high-resolution cameras and lenses offer highly accurate colour rendition and sharpness.

  • Choose from a range of mirrorless, DSLR and video cameras
  • Super sharp and lightweight lenses
  • Easy connectivity to external devices

Stills, video and more

Canon introduced the first Full Frame DSLR to shoot Full HD video and we have since gone on to create a range of cinema and video cameras that can now shoot up to 8K resolution.

  • Canon's EOS System of interchangeable lenses, cameras and accessories is amongst the largest in the world
  • A range of cameras that shoots cinema, video, streaming and stills at a price that fits your budget
  • Share lenses between compatible cameras quickly and easily

Stills, video and more
Reliability at any price

Reliability at any price

We recognise that downtime costs money which is why Canon cameras have proven reliability and will work under demanding conditions.

  • The EOS system has legendary durability and reliability
  • Canon genuine batteries are built to deliver long-lasting performance
  • Great after-sales service and support with loan equipment and express service and repair

Connect and share in seconds

Capturing great content is only the first part of a seamless workflow; sharing it is equally important, which is why our cameras boast stunning connectivity plus apps and bespoke software to help you deliver more across all your platforms.

  • Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth options across the EOS range
  • Widespread SD Memory card support for convenience and speed
  • Dual Memory card slots supported by selected models

Connect and share in seconds

Ready to help your business

Take a look at the many areas of industry, corporate and commerce where our cameras can improve and enhance your business.

  • Tourism

    Use Canon equipment for enticingly real web content when promoting destinations and accommodation.

  • Sports clubs

    Give fans insights in to daily life at your club and build loyalty.

  • Retail

    Use Canon’s hero products to make regular social posts quick and easy.

  • Houses of worship

    Stream live events to your congregation with Canon PTZ cameras and controllers.

Why Canon?

Canon is the leading name in imaging and has been for over 80 years. With a vast range of products and solutions, we are the number one provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging ranging from SDK applications for commercial, government and medical to professional cameras, video cameras and lenses with a backup and support service that is second-to-none.

  • High-resolution cameras

  • Superb range of lenses

  • Tailored software solutions

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