Canon Ascent Programme

Business development support for Canon customers to help uncover new opportunities and challenge the status quo of your business now and in the future.
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Introducing the Canon Ascent Programme

A business development initiative designed to support our customers' success now and in the future.

Open to all Canon's Professional Print customers, the programme is tailored to your goals and ambitions and aims to inspire activity with insights, workshops, mentoring and community knowledge sharing.

Delivered by leading external experts and Canon specialists it offers support across business functions including sales and marketing, providing valuable perspectives on a wide range of trends and topics.

The Canon Ascent Programme offers a blended approach of remote collaboration and face to face engagement to support your needs.

We can help

The Canon Ascent Programme can support your business by providing knowledge and expertise in the following topics:

  • Business

    The Canon ascent programme helps businesses of all sizes refine its operations and revolutionise the way the business thinks.

  • Sales

    Learn how to increase sales through a variety of sales techniques, from the psychology of selling to out of the box thinking to help retain and grow your customer base.

  • Marketing

    Learn how to increase your opportunities via various marketing channels such as social media, print, email and more.

Want to know more?

To find out more about the Canon Ascent Programme please get in touch.