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A portrait of a woman from the side. She stretches the skin on her left eye with her fingers. ARTICLE

Digital detox: how photographers find balance in a fast-moving world

Film photographers walk among us, but is it just fashion? Or are they eschewing digital as a way to find mindfulness and meaning in their subjects?

11 July 2019
Representation of data – a blue, brightly lit and futuristic server room ARTICLE

Shaping the Future

Technology is changing everything – our homes, our cities and the way we work. To us, it’s just business as usual. Only better.

15 July 2019
A golden langur on top of a tree in Bhutan with her newborn baby ARTICLE

Before they go

Canon Ambassador Christian Ziegler talks of passion for photographing endangered species and why we need to leave some areas of the planet untouched.

08 July 2019
A woman with her back to the camera, standing on the floor of a glass office building ARTICLE

Photography and friendships with a chance of rain

Photographers from all walks of life are finding each other through Instagram and using ‘Instameets’ as a source of learning, fun and friendship.

04 July 2019
A man looks at a replica Egyptian tomb ARTICLE

Preserving the Past

Today we have more means to document and preserve the world around us than ever before and it is our gift to future generations.

01 July 2019
Close up of newly-weds holding hands ARTICLE

“Two great guys with enormous hearts”

Weddings are always emotional, but when wedding photographer, Daniele Vertelli joined Guiseppe and Gian Maria on their big day, he knew he was witnessing something really special.

28 June 2019
Brightly coloured Brisbane cityscape ARTICLE

Capturing the Present

Today’s world is smaller and bigger all at the same time and Canon gives you so many ways to feel it, share it and be part of it.

20 June 2019
Two women speaking into microphones with ‘print media centr’ and a logo on them. ARTICLE

Welcome to The Printerverse

Self-proclaimed ‘Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse’, Deborah Corn is on a mission to inspire and educate on the positive power of print.

17 June 2019
A young woman sits in a coffee shop, head resting on her hand, looking into the distance. She wears a colourful sweater. ARTICLE

Vlogging? It’s a way of life.

Passion, profile-raising or community building? No matter the reasons, vlogging is a way of life for millions of would-be influencers.

13 June 2019
Attendees of the United Nations Global Festival of Action listen to event speakers ARTICLE

SDGs: Guiding humankind to a better tomorrow

17-year-old High School Student, Jana Carolien Scholtenfrom Germany shares her view on the blueprint for a better future – The United Nations SDGs

06 June 2019

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