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A wooden desk, with a stack of piled books beside a laptop. ARTICLE

Is the office of the future really an office?

Over the decades, offices have changed beyond all recognition, but with the rise of the remote worker, will we even need offices in the future?

14 March 2019
A gallery with mirrored walls and ceilings immerses visitors in projected images of Magritte’s paintings. ARTICLE

Inside Magritte: Ceci n'est pas une exposition

If the paintings of René Magritte defy explanation, then perhaps it's only natural to look at them in new ways.

11 March 2019
Designed text on a page by Lars Harmsen, from the Horst-Friedrichs 2019 calendar ARTICLE

A World of Beautiful Words

We take the printed word for granted, but it has history, depth and subtlety that has been with us through the ages.

04 March 2019
A young woman stands alone on a deserted metro platform. ARTICLE

“It’s up to us…”

To show what is needed to make their city safer, teenagers took to Brussels with cameras to tell their stories.

07 March 2019
Woman wearing virtual reality headset ARTICLE

Virtual, but verifiable

Besides being fun and futuristic, what can Virtual and Augmented Reality really do? We take a look at three ways VR and AR are benefiting business.

25 February 2019
A woman’s hands, painting with watercolours ARTICLE

The Hustle

The ‘side hustle' – one or two mini businesses that supplement a main source of income and give the sort of flexibility that full-time work can't.

28 February 2019
Two young women standing with their backs to the camera ARTICLE

Global, fearless and future-making. For Generation Z, this is just life.

While many are still marvelling at the potential of worldwide connectivity, Gen Z do things their own way and don't know what the fuss is all about.

21 February 2019
A close-up on a woman’s face – left eye and side of nose ARTICLE

Can changing nothing change everything?

CVS pharmacy in the US has pledged not to use any edited images by 2020, but what do people who make their living in the beauty industry think?

18 February 2019
Laptop from above, on white bedsheets, with a woman’s hands and bare foot in shot ARTICLE

5 simple teamwork tips for everyone, everywhere

Business Psychologist and Executive Coach, Joy Palfery gives her top 5 tips for successful and productive teamworking – whoever and wherever you are.

11 February 2019
Side head and shoulders view of an Ethiopian monk in robes. ARTICLE

Reclaiming the Narrative

Sarah Waiswa’s work challenges perceptions of Africa, it also helps her to unlearn and relearn parts of her history and the continents history.

14 February 2019

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