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How NOT to digitally transform your office ARTICLE

How NOT to digitally transform your office

Is your organisation in such a hurry to transform that you’ve fallen into one of our top three disaster scenarios? And is it easy to course correct?

14 May 2020
Three men on stage at a festival, with the audience's hands raised in silhouettes in front of them. A caption reading 'I belong to moments' sits at the bottom of the image. ARTICLE

Storytelling in seconds

Social media ‘stories’ are used by half a billion people every day. Canon Nordic’s #15secondfilmfestival celebrates the power of stories at speed.

18 May 2020
A Canon service engineer fixes the inside of a printer. ARTICLE

More is more: time-tested ways to manage multi-skilled teams

A multi-skilled community of engineers has been the backbone of Canon since the 1970s. Our EMEA Head of Service shares the structure that supports them.

11 May 2020
Two men in athletic wear look at a split screen showing two views of curling players on the ice. ARTICLE

Showing athletes the potential of their own bodies

The Olympians and Paralympians of GB Curling have a team of experts using world-class tech to guide their techniques and function at peak performance.

07 May 2020
An aerial view of a city with a large white fluffy cloud above it on the right-hand side. ARTICLE

Cloud future? Cloud is now

Many ask, ‘what’s the future for cloud?’. But is that the right question when cloud is already responsible for so much?

04 May 2020
A hooded figure sits behind a laptop. ARTICLE

How to meet ransomware head on and still come out fighting

Ransomware is a formidable opponent and attacks can cripple businesses. No one is safe, but there are steps you can take to protect your organisation.

30 April 2020
A stylish grey-walled home office, with a light wood desk and chair, several plants, a lamp, objects on black shelves and a desktop computer. ARTICLE

“Thanks for your email…” Five ‘Out of Office’ ideas for flexible lives

Whether your working day is time fluid, flexible or just demanding, the humble Out of Office autoreply can give you a helping hand.

27 April 2020
A red boat sails on cold grey water, with a huge floating iceberg behind it. ARTICLE

In the grasp of nature

Every day for two weeks, Paolo Verzone tried to leave paradise and could not. The experience has taught him about the beauty and joy of freedom.

23 April 2020
Dr Andreas Kosztolich holds a cat ARTICLE

Examining the hearts of small animals

Dr Andreas Kosztolich specialises in the diagnoses of heart disease in small animals, using a combination of high-end tech and traditional methods.

16 April 2020
A modern office environment, with a chalkboard wall as a team calendar, plants and natural light. Employees sit around a dining style table, wearing jeans and t-shirts. ARTICLE

Always on, always in, always assisted

Workplace 4.0 brings necessary shifts in the way we work. What will this new ‘when, where and how?’ look like? And should we remain philosophical?

13 April 2020

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