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On the right, an ophthalmologist in a white lab coat and black and red striped polo shirt, looks intently at the display of a Canon Tonometer. On the other side of the machine, a patient holds their head against the machine, looking into it for their examination. ARTICLE

Providing eye care in the heart of Africa

In impoverished countries, sight loss is an emergency, but diagnostic tools are scarce. Canon Medical distributor Franco Sonnino wants to change that.

01 April 2021
A person with short dark hair and wearing a grey hoodie stands with their back to the camera. They are facing four out of focus pictures in black frames with white mounts, hanging on a white gallery wall. ARTICLE

A simple guide to NFTs for the jargon-free

ICYMI, NFTs are taking the digital world by storm. So, don’t DYOR – we’ll cut the jargon and find out how big money is changing hands for small files.

12 April 2021
A dark brown chocolate dessert that shines under the light is topped with gold flakes, berries and nuts. It sits on a white plate with a geometric gold honeycomb design. ARTICLE

Cooking their way into #vegan hearts – and homes

A chic London restaurant has transformed in response to the pandemic and a tiny photographic studio in the kitchen opens a social window on its world.

25 March 2021
A woman sits on a desk in front of a huge ornate, rose gold mirror, in which the room is reflected. She is wearing a mint green halter neck dress with ruffles. In front of her, on the desk, is an assortment of objects – vases, with dried flowers, books, perfume bottles and small glass objects. ARTICLE

In Your Eyes: The business of being Onyi Moss

Inspiring and beautiful, the Instagram of content creator, Onyi Moss is like a spa for the eyes. But glamour and luxury is very much a full-time job.

29 March 2021
The body and arms of two blue-shirted people at a desk. In front of them are colour swatches, paperwork, pencils, some reading glasses and a desktop computer. One holds a document and the other points at something on the document. ARTICLE

To make print work, it pays to talk

In the fight against digital fatigue, bridging the knowledge gap between printers and marketers can challenge misconceptions and improve results.

18 March 2021
A great white shark jumps out of the water. Mouth is open, showing all teeth and water is splashing as the shark jumps out of the water. ARTICLE

One hour left to save what remains

Coming face to face with a shark is thrilling, but Canon Ambassador Chris Fallows also uses his breathtaking images to shine a light on iconic animals.

22 March 2021
A close up of the tops of the left and right speedometers in a car. The fuel gauge is partially cut off. ARTICLE

The need for speed (and when to slow down)

Transforming an organisation won’t happen overnight, but some changes can be fast. Futurist, Tom Cheesewright gives advice on effective decision-making

11 March 2021
A woman with her red hair in a bun, sits in front of a laptop. She wears a grey and white checked shirt. The background is dark wood. She looks shocked and has her hand covering her mouth in disbelief. Her fingernails are painted black. ARTICLE

Foolproof ways to avoid #Zoomiliation

Whether from filter fiddlers or background blunders, you can avoid viral stardom by following our easy tips for embarrassment-free video calls.

15 March 2021
	The image is dominated by pure white snow, save a snow-covered chum, or traditional tent used by the migrational tribes of the region. A woman emerges from her tent and is wearing a long orange/red patterned dress and boots. The dress has a black trim midway up the skirt and she also wears a pink headscarf, tied at the back of her head, which swings behind her. ARTICLE

The beauty of silence

While the world was in lockdown, Pie Aerts travelled across the frozen Siberian tundra with an ancient people who taught him the value of silence.

25 February 2021
Four photos of women. Top left: A smiling, brown haired woman stands in front of a building, wearing a black coat and grey scarf. Top right: A smiling, red haired woman in glasses, sits in front of a window, through which you can see a bright blue sky. She wears a silver necklace with a pendant. Bottom left: A black and white picture of a smiling woman in a hijab. Bottom right: A smiling, red haired woman in a black top stands in front of a bright yellow background. ARTICLE

Passion, drive, teamwork and purpose

“Find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never have to work again.” Meet four women who have found passion and purpose in their different roles at Canon.

08 March 2021

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