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Image of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona USA taken by the CE-SAT-I satellite ARTICLE

The Smaller Explorer

Today’s satellites are small enough to fit in your hand and carry seriously powerful imaging tech. We take a look at these 'small explorers' and how they are used to show us the world.

02 September 2019
A top down view of a table, with photographs spread all over it, and a pair of hands about to select one. ARTICLE

What right do you have? A rookie’s guide to using images.

If you’ve shared a screenshot, downloaded pics for a presentation or used an image from Google for your blog, you could be breaking the law without realising.

05 September 2019
A couple take a selfie in front of a piece of modern art ARTICLE

Is it ok to turn our backs on art?

Are selfies encouraging people to engage with art, or creating distance and lack of understanding between the viewer and the artwork?

26 August 2019
 A woman with back turned to the camera, has heavy scarring on her back and face. ARTICLE

Behind the Scars

Sophie Mayanne’s project ‘Behind the Scars’ uses the stories of skin to touch upon compelling tales of humanity.

29 August 2019
A ladder and projectors pointing to a screen, where a woman in a headset is broadcast. ARTICLE

Bern in Space

The University of Bern leads the world in space research and celebrated the anniversary of the moon landings with a very special journey into space.

15 August 2019
A child holds a Canon camera, obscuring his/her face ARTICLE

Trying adulthood for size

Inspiring future leaders starts today. Canon on the Road visits KidZania Dubai, giving youngsters the chance to try out grown-up jobs and learn new things – all in the name of fun!

22 August 2019
A man and woman, dressed in office attire and standing with their backs to the camera, looking out of a window at other office buildings. ARTICLE

Cybersecurity: the $120 billion questions every enterprise should ask

Five key questions every enterprise should ask themselves when assessing the cyber hygiene of their organisation.

05 August 2019
Four young men, one holding a camera, look carefully at the shot they are about to take. ARTICLE

Streets of Lagos

Afrobeat has gone global and major labels are clamouring for new Nigerian talent. Eager for worldwide fame, young artists are taking the creative process into their own hands.

12 August 2019
Semiconductor chips, fashioned into a colourful design ARTICLE

All of the things, all of the time

Semiconductor chips: we're surrounded by them every day, but what actually are they? How are they created and do they have a future?

01 August 2019
The ‘Thirty Metre Telescope’, located at Mauna Kea, Hawaii, against the backdrop of a clear and starry night. ARTICLE

Advancing Humankind

Imaging technology has the power to deliver a better future, so we invest over 7% of our global sales in R&D and file thousands of patents every year.

29 July 2019

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