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No matter where they are based, employees need to interact with documents and information in a variety of ways.

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Canon UK – Working with documents

Streamline document processes

We all work with documents on a daily basis, whether that is incoming mail delivered by the postman, a PDF contract for the latest deal, or the file containing tomorrow’s presentation.

All these documents are often part of bigger workflows too. Project workflows, process workflows, workflows related to specific legislative requirements. Some may even be part of multiple workflows at the same time.

Transitioning to working in a more agile environment brings with it the opportunity to introduce future-proof solutions that better support and even integrate these workflows.

We can help you with this, as our solutions enable your employees to work with paper-based and digital documents from any location, anytime, securely and efficiently.

Read on to find out how.

Simplify signatures – working with documents – Canon UK

Simplify signatures

Signing documents is something that every business has to do. Whether they are physical or digital, letters, contracts, agreements, or something else, it is essential that employees can sign documents quickly and easily, wherever they are working from.

Why? Because failing to sign documents quickly can lose your business contracts, delay payments and, in some sectors, breach legal requirements.

Whatever your business’s workflow needs, we have a signature solution. Need a digital signature workflow solution to support an agile workforce? We’ve got one. Need a physical signature workflow solution due to legislation? Or a solution for both digital and physical signatures? We can help.

Our digital solutions connect to popular digital signature providers and can integrate with other third-party platforms too. This means that your workforce can easily sign and send documents within an approved, secure workflow.

Employees can also print, sign, scan and save physical documents, whether a physical signature is the legal requirement or just the way they like to work.

Want secure workflow procedures for both digital and physical signatures?

Improve data collection – working with documents – Canon UK

Improve data collection

Capturing visitor details; collecting customer feedback; filing out timesheets; submitting budget requests: the list of repetitive tasks within your business that depend on collecting information is extensive. Extracting and processing the data gathered can become very time consuming and error prone when done manually. If done incorrectly, it could even put compliance at risk.

We can simplify this process by introducing e-forms to your business. E-forms can be used internally to improve company processes and externally – by embedding them on a website – to reach others. And, to support an agile workforce, e-forms can be viewed and submitted from a desktop, laptop or mobile device, increasing flexibility and productivity.

Used within our content management solution, e-forms can even become part of a document workflow, automating manual tasks.

Take your employee holiday requests. When an employee fills out an e-form requesting annual leave, the form can automatically be sent to the correct contact for approval. The approver will receive an automatic notification of the outstanding task and, once they input their decision, the employee will be notified. Once processed, the e-form can create an electronic document, like a PDF, to save as a record in your content management system. This supports regulatory compliance.

Want to reduce the manual processes within your business and start working with electronic forms?

Working with digital documents – Canon UK

Standardise working with digital documents

Remember the last pdf you worked with? How did you interact with it? Did you correct a grammar error? Did you add information to it, such as a name to a contract? Maybe you merged it with another document – or wanted to? Completing any of these tasks without the right tools, can easily lead to productivity losses and frustration.

Digital documents are true enablers of an agile workforce, but only if the right solutions are in place. Our PDF software puts your workforce in control of all PDF creation, editing, conversion and collaboration processes. Editing text, inserting graphics or adding trackable, actionable comments directly within their PDF files need no longer be guesswork. And, if they must work with other document formats, they no longer have to waste valuable time re-creating them – with our solutions they can simply convert them.

Want to simplify, speed up and secure your digital document workflow?

Working with hardcopy documents – Canon UK

Harmonise working with hardcopy documents

How and where we work is changing. Yet, the need to work with hard copy documents will most likely never go away.

Therefore, employees need to be able to securely print in the office, at home, and on the go. And, your IT team needs visibility and control of print behaviour to optimise resource allocation and ensure best practice, regardless of the printers’ location.

We can help.

Our print portfolio includes solutions that are both ‘simple’ enough for your employees to plug-and-play at home and ‘smart’ enough for your IT team to incorporate into your enterprise IT system. Visibility and control issues – solved.

And, because our cloud-based output management solutions allow you to connect all your devices, at home and in the office, your workforce can print from any device, in any location. Productivity gains - plentiful.

Thanks to our intelligent platform, with built-in authentication and secure-print features, we address security issues too.

Want to harmonise how your agile teams work with hard copy documents? With Canon you can.

Work anywhere, anytime

Find out how Canon can help your dispersed workforce work efficiently, effectively and securely from any location.

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