Celebrating World Environment Day 2021 With Print

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On 5th June, over 100 countries across the globe celebrate World Environment Day 2021.

To mark the day, Canon, together with Two Sides, have created a handy and eye-catching personalised handout that can help Print Service Providers remind their customers about common environmental misconceptions around print and paper, and ultimately help them dispel the myths.

Here are the myths that you can bust now:
MYTH: Paper production is a major cause of global greenhouse gas emissions.
FACT: The paper, pulp and print sector is one of the lowest industrial emitters of greenhouse gasses, accounting for 0.8% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. (Source: Cepi, 2019)

MYTH: Electronic communication is more environmentally friendly than paper-based communication.
FACT: Electronic communication also has environmental impacts. The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry accounts for around 2.5-3% of global greenhouse gas emissions and this is predicted to rise to 14% by 2040. (Source: Belkhir L & Elmeligi A, 2018)

MYTH: Digital is always the preferred means of communication.
FACT: 84% of people believe that they understand and can retain or use information much better when they read print on paper. (Source: Two Sides and Toluna, 2015)


Watch a short video to see how this handout has been created using Canon’s latest imagePRESS technology:


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