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Group Joos owner Alex Joos on the left

It’s not just about using different data; it’s also about using different images and graphics to maximise impact and engagement.

Alex Joos, Owner of Group Joos

Adapting to an evolving market

Group Joos is a family owned business in Turnhout, Belgium, founded by the grandfather of the current owner, Alex Joos, in 1935.

The company has grown in the transactional and direct mail industries, where it started out by producing documents on web offset presses for large customers such as banks, insurance companies and the government.

Group Joos found that customers’ demands were starting to evolve and so they needed to find the right technology to fit their customers’ needs for high quality, personalised print on-demand and quick turnarounds, which is why they took the decision to invest in the ProStream 1800 in 2020.

Alex Joos could see the production and cost-efficiency benefits of investing in inkjet technology, “Today, inkjet technology has advanced to a point where printing speed is not an issue, quality is not an issue and data is not an issue. With the ProStream 1800, we have the ability to create lots of different types of applications and achieve high quality across lots of different papers.”

Stronger together

Canon has been a long-standing partner of Group Joos, helping to enhance their offering with personalised print. Elaborating on the working relationship, Joos explains, “Since we’ve been working together, they have definitely proved to be a true ‘partner’ and they continue to work closely with us to find solutions to our business challenges. It’s important to choose a partner you can rely on and go on the journey together.”

Alex Joos, Owner of Group Joos

It doesn’t have to be all about volume to communicate anymore. Jobs on a small scale are possible. The ProStream enables us to do this.

Alex Joos, Owner of Group Joos

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