Me and my Canon PIXMA G650

Discover how this graphic design company uses the PIXMA G650 to increase efficiency in it’s business, whilst maintaining excellent quality.

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“The PIXMA G650 has enabled me to produce high-quality, colourful prints on demand from the comfort of my own home, without the added time and expense of having to outsource.”

Geo Wild Designs

About Geo Wild Designs

Geo Wild Designs, founded by Mahayla Clayton, is a graphic design company that produces bespoke, original prints with a unique geometric style for greeting cards, cushions, tea towels and now even wallpaper.

The introduction of the Canon PIXMA G650 enabled Geo Wild Designs to take its operation to the next level. While Clayton used to have a very hands-on approach, drawing and painting the prints herself, the printer has opened up a new world of repeat patterns. This ease of production has given Clayton the capacity to create her own homeware range, enabling her to break into a new market and reach new customers.

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Why the Canon PIXMA G650 is the perfect fit for Geo Wild Designs

The PIXMA G650 blends unrivalled photo-quality printing with the ability to produce high volumes at a low cost. Clayton no longer has to spend money on outsourcing for her printing needs, nor limit the amount of prints she can make at any one time.

With the printer’s compact design and speedy WIFI connection, it’s perfect for a home office, she can now print on demand and experiment with different finishes and styles from the comfort of her own home.

The PIXMA G650 also offers an enhanced colour gamut, so the prints are representative of what Clayton creates on screen, which is important to maintain the quality and accuracy of her designs

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