Our customers want that little extra

Tailor-made applications on almost any material thanks to Arizona 1300 series

Owner of Seriflex with Arizona 1300

We have become more competitive even for larger editions without compromising on quality.

Fredrik Lundberg, CEO, Seriflex Grafiska

When I saw the Arizona 1300 series for the first time at Sign & Print Scandinavia 2019 in Stockholm, I immediately decided: I want this printer. I saw a flexible solution that gives us the possibility to take in orders when needed and at the same time work with confidence and attention to every detail. I immediately realized that with this printer, we could increase the offering to our customers both in small, customized series but also for larger runs.

Our customers are quality-conscious and appreciate that little extra that can be the big difference in meeting their customer’s demands; whether we print on wood, metal, plastic, or corrugated cardboard. Basically, we can print on everything,” says Fredrik Lundberg.

Owner of Seriflex with Arizona 1300

Tailor-made editions at a high quality

“With our new digital flatbed printers, we can mainly offer small, tailor-made editions at a high quality. At the same time, we have become more competitive even for larger editions without compromising on quality. With this solution we can do everything in-house and have total control at every stage of the process. Our pace of work and our quality demands are so high that we don’t want to be dependent on external suppliers. One of our strengths is to develop uniquely customized solutions in smaller editions. For that, the Canon solution is crucial for our business."

Examples of applications we print are sales bags, decorated samples and smaller editions such as signs and display stands. For smaller editions we use our cutting tables instead of punching tools. We have two cutting tables, one Kongsberg and one Zünd.

Printer with many advantages

"Our Arizona has many advantages. The first one is LED lighting instead of UV lamps makes the heat considerably lower and printing materials such as cardboard and corrugated cardboard do not curve or swell because of the heat. Another advantage is more efficient vacuum suction which allows the material to be sucked better and it lies completely flat on the surface. Another advantage is that energy consumption is lower and this reduces our electricity costs. A fourth major advantage is that the machine is easier to work with because the intake goes much faster. It saves time and time is always money,” says Fredrik Lundberg.

Arizona 1300 series flatbed printer

Consistently chosen for Canon solutions

"We regularly scan the market to find the best solutions for our business," says Fredrik Lundberg. “We are very pleased with Canon and our collaboration began when we invested in our first flatbed printer. It was also a printer in the Arizona series and the year was 2012. A lot has happened since then, but we have consistently chosen for Canon solutions. Partly because the printers are at the forefront of technology and match our quality requirements. Partly because the employees at Canon are very competent and responsive. That combination is difficult to beat. In addition, the Arizona printers are safe investments thanks to upgrades and options that can be added as our business evolves,” concludes Fredrik Lundberg.

With this solution we can do everything in-house and have total control at every stage of the process.

Fredrik Lundberg, CEO, Seriflex Grafiska

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