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Seeking Excellence

From the company’s launch in 1991 to the present day, KSS has always used wide format printers to facilitate the smooth day-to-day running of its business. In a sector where reliability, accuracy and guaranteed print quality are essential, KSS can trust their wide format systems to perform, allowing their staff to concentrate on what they do best, design.

The company’s journey to using Canon multi functional devices (MFD) was not so straightforward, however, having comprised experience with most major brands. Typically, the best financial deals with other suppliers were secured with contracts that lasted for five years, but KSS found that after the first three years the machines would be struggling to cope with the demands being placed on them, suffering regular breakdowns and becoming increasingly unreliable.

“We simply couldn’t work like that so started our search for a machine that would not let us down,” recalls John Low, Technical Director. “From the outset we were totally sold by the Canon systems – the design and quality of the components were so much better. What’s more, we were to discover that they still worked after three years!”

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I can honestly say that I have not looked for any other printers since installing the Canon MFDs.

John Low, Technical Director

The Expert Guide

“From the outset, I have felt truly valued by Canon as a partner. At the beginning, they did not wade in with an aggressive, hard pitch, rather they went to great lengths to understand fully the nature and demands of our business in order to ensure all our needs were met. Because of that approach, we now depend on Canon for wide format, office and light production print.

“That partnership continues to this day, ensuring our ongoing loyalty through great relationships with our account managers, excellent service, quality that is second to none and enduring reliability.”

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I have total confidence, not only in all the products, but also in the service Canon provides.

John Low, Technical Director

Guaranteed Consistency

The nature of the work that KSS undertakes requires guaranteed print quality, speed and reliability. The company’s remit is wide and varied, including national and international sports stadia as well as hotels, residential, educational and office projects nationwide. “Typically, we work on highly complex designs,” explains John. “That said, clarity and colour reproduction can never be compromised. Such is our faith in our Canon printers, that, even though we are reproducing very fine lines – down to 0.08mm – we do not have to waste valuable time rigorously checking every page.

“Similarly, 100% accurate colour reproduction is essential. For example, when submitting work for sports facilities, colour ranges have to be spot on. Team colours are a specific pantone and we need to be able to reflect this in our printed work, with no margin for error.”

“Our ColorWave and imagePRESS are pivotal to getting the colour right. Other printers are not able to replicate what is on the screen – yet another reason we will never look elsewhere.”

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As with many of our high profile projects, when working on the Amex Stadium in Brighton, we printed thousands of drawings, 90% of which were colour. We were never once let down by any of our machines and there was total consistency of brand colour throughout.

Jack Dennehy, Graphic Designer

Reaping the Benefits

Before investing with Canon, KSS outsourced the printing of its brochures and final copies. “Now we do everything in house,” says John. “Without doubt this has enabled us to grow as the variety of reliable solutions we have makes everything so much quicker.

“We have very big files, often with over 100 A3 pages in one job. We use our imagePRESS light production system to print final brochures for presentation to clients, documents for planners, photography, high-res imagery for conceptual work and basic documents – all in super-fast time with 100% accuracy, which is crucial both for us and our clients.

“I know that there are cheaper machines out there, but I guarantee that I would get neither the same level of service nor the printer reliability I enjoy with Canon. It would be a false economy to take my custom elsewhere.”

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In the old days, we used to have to keep our fingers crossed that our printers wouldn’t let us down. Now we operate safe in the knowledge that our Canon solutions will deliver quickly and reliably day after day, month after month.

David Pitcher, Architect