Canon Arizona 2300 FLXflow

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Canon Arizona 2300 FLXflow

Ideal for mid-to-high volume operations, the Arizona 2300 FLXflow offers a patented, uniquely intelligent way to not only Hold and Float media but also perform an Instant Switch between the two modes.

Adding FLXflow technology to your Arizona 2300 series printers opens up even more applications and ultra-productive printing to take your business further.

Lift your business

Whether it’s for retail graphics, interior décor, packaging or an industrial market segment, the Arizona 2300 series of flatbed printers with Arizona FLXflow technology can easily handle an extensive array of media, from rigid and heavy to delicate or flexible, enabling versatile, accurate and highly productive multi-board and double-sided printing.

Additional Quality modes and improved workflow integration combine with other technologies such as UV-LED curing and 3rd-generation VariaDot to help you achieve greater productivity.
Canon Arizona 2300 FLXflow

FLXflow in a nutshell

FLXflow offers three functionalities – Hold, Float, and Instant Switch – to enhance media handling. The Hold function uses a patented airflow technique to secure various media types in place with minimal masking, while the optional Float function creates an air cushion to easily position heavy or challenging substrates, reducing media damage risk and enabling smooth registration.

The Instant Switch feature allows for easy transition between Hold and Float modes using foot pedals, simplifying printer operability and media removal.

Canon Arizona 2300 FLXflow

Optimised useability

The ideal solution for handling a high mix of work, including many types of short-run jobs (also multi-board and double-sided) throughout the production day.

High quality and versatile

Offer near-photorealistic quality and fine art applications on a vast range of media, particularly on unusual applications. With the Roll Media Option installed you can print on rigid and flexible media.

Reliability and serviceability by design

The Arizona 2300 series has earned a reputation as a robust and reliable workhorse that you can depend on.

Canon Arizona 2300 FLXflow

Elevated and textured printing

The latest release 2.1 of PRISMAelevate XL doubles the printing height to 4 mm to help customers create stand-out, tactile bartwork for elevated print applications that enhance and expand their product offering.

Maximise uptime

Benefit from Advanced Image Layout Controls for last-minute adjustments at the printer, reducing material waste, and PRISMAservice tools for predictive maintenance and remote assistance.

In-field upgradability

Current Arizona 2300 series with FLOW technology owners can upgrade to the latest version with FLXflow functionalities, including Float and Instant Switch features, and new Advanced Image Layout Controls.

World unseen powerful imagery

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Workflow efficiency and productivity: The printer enables versatile and accurate multi-board and double-sided printing. With the new Float and Instant Switch functionalities, it's easier and quicker to handle a variety of media, including heavy and irregular substrates. This makes it ideal for a high mix of short-run jobs. The optional Arizona Automation Interface allows for seamless integration with third-party automated systems for continuous media loading and unloading, further optimising productivity.

    High quality and versatility: The printer produces near-photorealistic quality and fine-art applications on a wide range of media, including unusual materials like wood, tiles, glass and other building materials. The availability of light cyan, light magenta, and white inks enhances image quality, while the option to add varnish protective layers or matte/gloss effects with spot varnish enables more creative applications. The optional PRISMAelevate XL allows for elevated printing, opening up possibilities for high-value textured applications, permanent signage, product decoration, awards, décor materials, and package prototyping. This feature is also suitable for applications for the visually impaired, fine art reproductions and interior décor art and panels.

    Reliability and serviceability: The Arizona series, with over 8,000 installations worldwide since 2007, is known for its robustness and reliability. Manufactured in Germany, the Arizona 2300 FLXflow is built on a steel frame and designed for many years of intensive use. Optional service support tools like PRISMAservice provide authorized remote assistance by qualified technicians. The proCARE after-sales service programme covers maintenance, spare parts, preventive maintenance, and remote support, ensuring fast response times and safeguarding uptime.

  • The Arizona 2300 FLXflow is a versatile printer that caters to a variety of applications:

    Retail and POP/POS: It is particularly well-suited for producing Point of Purchase (POP) and Point of Sale (POS) boards, along with other advertising materials. Customers in this segment can benefit from its flexibility, wide substrate range, high image quality, user-friendliness, and productivity, along with its workflow solutions.

    Interior décor: This printer can handle a broad array of rigid media, including irregular shapes and materials like aluminium composite, glass, and wood. This capability is ideal for the interior design market, especially with the optional PRISMAelevate XL for creating textured, dimensional prints.

    High-end packaging: The Arizona 2300 FLXflow is perfect for the packaging industry, which is booming due to e-commerce and a focus on customisation, personalisation, short runs, prototyping, and sustainable solutions. It offers ease-of-use, a wide choice of substrates, and prototyping abilities, ensuring accurate printing of various packaging solutions.

    Industrial and specialist printing: Even industries where printing is not the core business can benefit from the Arizona 2300 FLXflow. It can be integrated into production processes to create unique products like ceramic tiles, door panels, safety signs, sports equipment, and more. It enables the delivery of customised, one-off products such as skateboards and golf discs with next-day delivery.

  • Arizona FLXflow technology Hold functionality: This feature ensures reliable grip and positioning of various media types, including irregular shapes. It enhances productivity by accommodating a wide range of substrates and sizes with minimal masking, improved registration, and a more efficient workflow.

    Optional Arizona FLXflow Float functionality: This new feature allows for easy handling of heavy substrates like wood, glass, and metals by floating them over the table. It aids in smoother registration and handling of cumbersome materials.

    True flatbed architecture: The printer offers versatile printing capabilities, including edge-to-edge, double-sided, multi-board, and multi-layer printing. It can handle large, unusually shaped, heavy, smooth, pre-cut rigid media, and even flexible media with an optional Roll Media Option.

    New advanced image layout controls: These controls allow for last-minute adjustments at the printer, providing extra flexibility in positioning images on the board and the board on the printing table, reducing waste of expensive substrates.

    New open interfaces (APIs): The printer features open interfaces for seamless integration into workflow processes and management information systems, such as accounting interfaces for job cost tracking and automation interfaces for integrating third-party media handling.

    Optional workflow support: The PRISMA XL Suite workflow software can be combined with workflow management processes for easy job creation and application of simple recipes across multiple jobs.

    New optional enhanced PRISMAelevate XL: This feature enables the creation of prints with up to 4 mm (0.157 inch) elevation for tactile and textured effects, offering new opportunities for creative prints that stand out.

    Automated maintenance system: This system provides hands-free printhead maintenance, ensuring maximum uptime.