imagePRESS V1000 reaches installation milestone with over 250 presses in Europe

Customers have embraced the capabilities of Canon’s imagePRESS V1000 cut-sheet digital colour press, with over 250 installations in EMEA since its launch in April 2022. Print businesses appreciate the press for its high productivity and consistency, broad application flexibility, accurate registration, high quality and low energy consumption.

imagePRESS V1000 Long Sheet Config Fiery FSL

Customers have embraced the capabilities of Canon’s imagePRESS V1000 with 250 installations in EMEA


CopyCat was one of the first users to adopt the imagePRESS V1000 in Norway

Built on the proven performance attributes of the established imagePRESS technology, the V1000 integrates new technological features to deliver consistent output with optimal reliability and uptime. These include new transfer technology to ensure even colour distribution; integrated POD-SURF fixing technology giving consistent 100ppm print speed across an extensive range of media; two-step registration correction, providing perfect registration and colour settings; and the flexibility to auto-duplex banner sheets up to 1.3m. The press also features an optional Sensing Unit which automatically detects prints that do not match the registration and colour settings for the job, and then adjusts and maintains these settings throughout the print run to save time and maintain productivity.

Print service and design provider Medienhaven in Bremen, Germany, which produces high-quality customised products including packaging and fine art prints, invested in the imagePRESS V1000 with the optional Sensing Unit after seeing the press at Canon’s Make It event.

Peer Rüdiger, Managing Director at Medienhaven, explains, “We often use different finishing equipment when producing packaging applications so prints need to align perfectly for die-cutting. We chose the imagePRESS V1000 because it has very high registration accuracy and can help support our wider processes.”

Media flexibility was another factor in Medienhaven’s decision-making process. “We’ve been extremely happy with the quality of the imagePRESS V1000 and how it has allowed us to produce luxurious applications on thicker substrates. The colour stability is much better than our previous press and we’ve been very excited by the matte-finish – this is quite unusual for a toner press, which usually produces prints with a more glossy finish.”

Medienhaven confidently invested in Canon technology based on the company’s photographic heritage. “Canon is an imaging company, so we expect the quality of image output to be exceptional. We did not test the machine before installation, as we were confident that Canon would deliver a device that surpassed our expectations.”

High quality output day in, day out

Commercial printer CopyCat near Oslo opted to install three imagePRESS V1000 presses. A Canon customer for over 25 years, CopyCat was one of the first businesses to adopt the imagePRESS V1000 technology in Norway. 

Geir Thorbjørnsen, Co-founder and General Manager comments: “When we saw test prints from the imagePRESS V1000 we were impressed with the matte finish and offset-like quality. With the addition of the Sensing Unit, on-the-fly colour adjustments and front-to-back registration, we can ensure that output quality is consistent throughout the entire print run. Our other key investment factors were the higher speed of the press, reduced energy consumption, and the option to produce duplex banners, which will enable us to expand our offering in this area. Our experience with imagePRESS technology has always been positive thanks to its consistently high quality, productivity and reliability. Our current presses have run for over five years and we are still achieving excellent output quality. I am confident that, by investing in the V1000, we’re installing a solution that we can rely on both now and in the future.”

Printworks, a Fogra quality-assured commercial printer specialising in digital printing, large format printing, and trade fair and display products, was the first to invest in the imagePRESS V1000 in Finland. Sebastian Thon, Production Manager, says: “We were excited by the excellent print quality of the imagePRESS V1000 thanks to the automated quality adjustments to colour reproduction and uniformity, which are made on the fly during printing. Another feature that stood out to us was the double-sided, front-to-back registration performed for each sheet in real time – for prints up to 1.3 metres long. We can now easily make eight-to-ten-page A4 accordion-fold brochures or landscape booklets that were not possible for us before.” 

A sustainable production choice

Designed with sustainability in mind, the imagePRESS V1000 meets high standards of energy efficiency and has achieved a Gold rating under the U.S. EPEAT1 environmental assessment system. As an Ekokompassi-certified environmental printing company, sustainability was a key consideration for Printworks. Jukka Kari, Managing Director and Owner explains, “The low energy consumption of the press was an important factor for us because of our commitment to making more sustainable production choices.” 

Jennifer Kolloczek, European Planning, Marketing & Innovation Senior Director, Production Print at Canon Europe comments, “We’re delighted to see so many printers across EMEA growing their businesses with the imagePRESS V1000. We know that commercial and in-house printers face shortening timelines and more diverse briefs. This product was designed to exceed customer expectations from a toner press, providing reliability and flexibility to meet the demands of today’s print buyers. The positive feedback from so many customers proves that improvements in productivity, flexibility and automation can unlock commercial opportunities and stimulate new levels of success. With the addition of the imagePRESS V900 series and V1350 in the recent months, we’re confident that the new imagePRESS V-series will enable users to overcome their production challenges and meet customer requests for high quality, dynamic print content in volumes from 15,000 to 2.4 million A4 prints per month.”

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  1. Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is an environmental assessment system established by GEC (the Green Electronics Council), American NPO, for the purpose of developing and promoting the market for environmentally friendly products.