Driving Innovation in Vehicle Graphics and Wrapping

Find out how Mellink Advertising has pushed the boundaries of car wrapping with the Canon Colorado and UVgel technology.
Mellink car wrapping with UVgel technology

In the competitive realm of advertising, Mellink Advertising, a full-service sign company based in Lichtenvoorde, stands out by specialising in the innovative manufacturing of vehicle graphics and car wrapping.

Their clientele spans a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, transportation, construction, and education, showcasing their versatility in advertising solutions. Originally established as a painting company with a focus on semi-spraying techniques, they have since expanded their services to include car advertising through film cutting. This area of their business has quickly advanced, now offering a wide array of options from vibrant full-color prints to comprehensive full-color wraps.

Mellink Owner pushing boundaries of car wrapping with Canon UVgel technology

Pushing boundaries of car wrapping

Mellink sought to push the boundaries of car advertising by producing wraps that were not only visually striking but also durable and produced in an environmentally responsible manner. The primary challenge was finding a printing solution that could deliver high-quality results without compromising on speed or sustainability. Canon introduced Mellink Advertising to the Colorado printer, equipped with unique UVgel technology; it would be the perfect fit for their printing needs.

Significant improvements

The adoption of Canon's Colorado printer led to significant improvements across the board for Mellink Advertising:

Quality: Mellink was able to produce car wraps with unparalleled colour depth and durability, ideal for outdoor advertising, enhancing the visual impact.
Efficiency: The Colourado's instant-dry UVgel ink significantly reduced production times compared to latex ink, allowing Mellink to serve their clients more efficiently.
Sustainability: With lower energy consumption and the use of cleaner inks, Mellink made substantial strides towards their sustainability goals, reinforcing their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Innovative technology, evolving landscape

The Canon Colorado printer has significantly enhanced Mellink Advertising's capabilities in delivering high-quality, efficient, and sustainable vehicle wrapping. This collaboration underscores the beneficial role of innovative technology in evolving the advertising landscape. With the introduction of the Canon Colorado, Mellink has been able to better meet their clients' diverse needs while also making notable progress in their sustainability efforts. This partnership has effectively demonstrated how modern technology can complement traditional advertising techniques, positioning Mellink Advertising as a forward-thinking player in the industry.

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