Grassl's Success with ColorWave 3000 Series Printer

Find out how civil engineering firm Grassl paves the way for sustainable engineering and uses print in a digital world.

Paving the Way for Sustainable Engineering

Grassl, a leading civil engineering firm specializing in sustainable engineering, relies heavily on technical drawings for projects involving bridges, tunnels, and flood protection. Canon's ColorWave 3000 series printer has been their trusted partner for efficient and reliable printing.

Printing in a digital world

For Grassl, print remains an essential tool even in a digital world. While they use various software like Building Information Modelling (BIM), large format prints of technical drawings serve as a hybrid solution, supporting clients effectively during discussions and on construction sites. They firmly believe that printed technical drawings are essential because they provide customers with a tactile experience, offer a clear overview due to their size, and thereby serve as the ideal foundation for better assisting their clients.

Long and Reliable Partnership

The enduring partnership between Grassl and Canon has been founded on mutual trust and appreciation for the reliability and quality of the ColorWave technology. It commenced with the introduction of the ColorWave 300 and later extended to incorporate the ColorWave 500. More recently, Grassl reaffirmed its commitment to superior printing solutions by investing in four state-of-the-art printing systems from Canon's latest ColorWave 3000 series, thereby setting new benchmarks for their printing requirements.

Seamless Integration into Core Business

The ColorWave seamlessly integrates into Grassl's core business. Their engineering team produces technical drawings, converts them into PDFs, and quickly prints them using Publisher Select or the Driver, allowing them to focus on their expertise while relying on the printer's efficiency.

The ColorWave series is an important pillar in our workflow, ensuring user-friendly operation, reliability, and exceptional print quality"

Unmatched Print Quality, Reliability and ease of use

The decision to choose the ColorWave 3600 was driven by its unique CrystalPoint print quality, ease of use, and reliability. The printer's ability to produce waterproof prints is invaluable for on-site discussions and project elaboration.

Grassl employees looking at documents printed with ColorWave 3000 series

Sustainability plays a significant role in our company. Canon's commitment to sustainability aligns with our values, ensuring a better climate in our office."

Commitment to Sustainability

Grassl emphasizes sustainability, and Canon's CrystalPoint technology contributes to a healthy office environment by emitting no harmful pollutants like toner dust, ozone, or odor. The printer is also EPEAT and Greenguard gold certified, complementing Grassl's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Bridge over river

A Strong Profitable Partnership

Canon has become an essential strategic partner for Grassl. With fast, consistent, and reliable services, including consumables like TonerPearls and Canon media, Canon supports all Grassl's locations, enhancing their efficiency.

In conclusion, Grassl's partnership with Canon and their reliance on the ColorWave 3000 series printer have led to a strong, profitable collaboration. Canon's printer has become an indispensable tool in Grassl's engineering processes, offering high-quality prints, ease of use, and sustainability. As Grassl continues to pave the way for sustainable engineering, their successful cooperation with Canon continues to flourish.

Canon's services have been consistently reliable, and we can wholeheartedly recommend them to others."

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