The Power of Colour
Open House

Join us as we investigate the impact and the true power of colour and creativity in print. Learn how colour stimulates visual excitement in your print applications.

The Power of Colour
Open House


Canon Open House

Date: Thursday 14th December 2023

Time: 14:00 - 17:00

Location: Canon Customer Experience Centre, 20 Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4BL.

Canon Open House -The Power of Colour

The Power of Colour

It's not simple to imagine a world without colour, is it? Colour is a powerful tool in any organisation – it can attract, influence and even increase retention making it vital in marketing and branding in particular.

Colour is now anticipated and seen as standard in all customer-facing collateral, including transactional documents where it was before thought to be unique. Particularly when research shows 90% of subconscious judgments made about products can be based on colour alone*.

Join us at our Power of Colour Open House event as we welcome our keynote speaker Mark Kebell, Creative Consultant, as he presents the ‘Power of Colour and Creativity in Print’.

As a plus, you'll have the opportunity to review the colour and application capabilities of the Canon products and solutions displayed in the showroom by attending the live demonstrations.

There will also be time to network with your peers as we toast to the New Year ahead - all while enjoying some festive treats.


  • 14:00 - Join our experts as they demonstrate the Power of Colour.
    Review the Canon products and solutions in our dedicated zones.
  • 15:00 - Mark Kebell, guest speaker presents the Power of Colour and Creativity in Print.
    Learn how to take print to the next level as Mark presents on:
  • The perception of colour and how to spark visual stimulation with your print applications.
  • The evolution of print, explaining the link between creativity and Canon technology.
  • How digital enhances the print process to support maximum output.
  • Building inspiration on using different media, diversifying your application capability.
  • 15:30 - Virtual demo of imagePRESS V1350.
  • Experience the power of colour combined with automation and technology to ensure print jobs are on-brand and on-time. Understand how colour is kept consistent, corrected without manual intervention and registration and colour settings automatically calibrated when mismatches are detected.
    This will be followed by a virtual tour of the Birmingham Customer Experience Centre.
  • 16:00 – Networking and demonstrations around the Power of Colour.
Experience how Canon's products and solutions can maximise your output - select key applications to take away with you.
We will also have a celebratory toast to cap the end of 2023 - with some festive treats!
*Help Scout
Mark Kebell

Introducing you to our speaker

Mark Kebell

Mark Kebell is an independent Creative Consultant with 35 years’ experience working in the creative industry.

He works within many design disciplines including Branding, Corporate Identity, Corporate Literature, Property Sales & Marketing, Annual Report & Accounts, Exhibitions, POS, Advertising & Web Design.

Mark has worked with Canon Europe, Canon Middle East & Canon UK as an independent creative consultant since 2007, delivering bespoke design solutions for corporate events and has been chosen as creative lead for many of Canon’s imagePRESS product launches.


Canon Customer Experience Centre - London

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Canon Customer Experience Centre - London

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  • imagePRESS-V1350

    imagePRESS V1350

    Print up to 135ppm and media weights up to 500gsm, transform applications with colour and creativity.

  • imagePRESS V1000

    imagePRESS V1000

    The built-in colour management technology automates DFE calibration, profile creation, and verification.

  • PRISMAcolor_Manager_logo

    PRISMAcolor Manager

    Take efficiency to another level by seamlessly validating colour output across all your printers with a device agnostic solution.

  • Canon PRISMAprepare logo


    Document preparation software with integrated colour management capabilities to take control with print jobs.


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