A morning of networking and thought leadership as we explore the role of leadership in an age of uncertainty.
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Event Details

Leading in an age of uncertainty

Date: Tuesday 1st November 2022, 9am - 12pm
Location: Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

Leading in an age of uncertainty

In November 2022, our ILLUMINATE event at The Balmoral in Edinburgh provided an exclusive session where we joined David Meade – one of the world’s leading organisation thought leaders – to explore the role of leadership in an age of uncertainty.

Effective leadership can transform a business, but with recent years highlighting how businesses can be affected by unforeseen external crises that have nothing to do with their sector or geographical location, today’s leaders need to be able to react quickly and make decisions while the ground is still shifting beneath their feet.

During the morning guests explored the real science behind high performance and leading in uncertain times – understanding the latest research on mindset, motivation and influence – and left equipped with a toolkit to help navigate the challenges being faced by organisations across the world.

The workshop

The keynote was followed by an interactive workshop where attendees worked together to develop emergency life-saving filtration water units that were shipped to Uganda to provide safe and clean water.

The second task was to design an artwork slate which is used to decorate an additional 30 litre water filtration system that is purpose built to provide clean water to a family or community in desperate need on the other side of the world. Participants can track the progress of their gift and see where their filtration unit is donated.

Each team walked away knowing that they sponsored two life-saving water systems that will help to change the lives of people they hadn’t even met!

“Outstanding event. I can’t recommend the experience enough to any other organisations looking to inspire their colleagues, partners or customers through making a positive contribution.”

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Introducing you to our speaker

David Meade

David Meade is an international keynote speaker, trainer, facilitator, broadcaster and researcher. He has worked with companies, such as Apple, PwC, Harvard, the Cabinet Office, Facebook, and the Bank of America, to improve the way they work and perform, through comprehensive management, leadership, and operational development programmes.

David has a track record of delivering inspirational development programmes to private and public-sector clients that are facing substantial organisational challenges, to help them navigate change on a daily basis.

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