varioPRINT iX3200

More profit. More business. Sheetfed inkjet press.

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>4500 SRA3

4/4 per hour

1200 x 1200 dpi

Great consistent quality

60–350 gsm

Wide media range

90% uptime

Highest throughput

Experience iX! All-in-one print platform for more profit and more business

The varioPRINT iX3200 including the iX2100 model, previously collectively called the Canon varioPRINT iX-series, revolutionises the commercial printing business experience. It combines stunning image quality and a wide media range with the high productivity and attractive cost-efficiency of inkjet. So commercial printers can say "Yes" to virtually any job, based on the agreed turnaround time and price, then print it for more profit and more business.

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A new experience in sheetfed inkjet printing

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Experience productivity

Experience highest throughput and uptime. More than 4500 SRA3 4/4 per hour or 320 A4 ipm. Over 90% average uptime.

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Experience cost efficiency

Experience promising cost efficiency in total cost of ownership. Savings in labour, processing and running costs.

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Experience high quality

Experience outstanding image quality and consistency. Thanks to iQuariusiX innovations, print quality rivals any other established print technology.

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Experience application versatility

Experience wide application versatility. Print on a vast mix of printing stock of various weight all in one run supported by the right finishing.

Experience productivity

To stay ahead, commercial printers need a press that lets them easily set up jobs, switch media, personalise and run 24/7 with minimal operator intervention.

  • 320 A4 ipm and more than 4500 SRA3 4/4 per hour
  • Over 90% uptime
  • Capacity up to 13500 sheets any format / 23400 A4

Experience cost efficiency

How do attractive running costs sound? How do savings in labour and operations sound? Experience the varioPRINT iX3200 and enjoy more profit.

  • Attractive total cost of operation
  • High automation with minimal operator intervention


Key Specifications


320 A4 ipm and more than 4500 SRA3 4/4 per hour on any media

Up to 13,500 sheets any format

Up to 13500 sheets any format / 23400 A4 sheets


True 1200 dpi printheads and processing


Offset coated 90-350 gsm / Uncoated 60-350 gsm

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Experience quality excellence

Thanks to many iQuariusiX innovations, the varioPRINT iX3200 print quality rivals any other established print technology. It prints coated and uncoated media, up to 350 gsm with consistently high quality.

  • True 1200 dpi printheads and processing
  • Intelligent nozzle activity and uniformity control
  • Print environment optimization and ink conditioning for optimal printing performance
  • Proprietary polymer pigment water-based inks and ColorGrip
  • High registration accuracy
  • Advanced colour management


varioPRINT iX3200 range

Combines stunning image quality and a wide media range with the high productivity and attractive cost-efficiency of inkjet.

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Experience application versatility

High-quality brochures that blow your customers away with their colour and detail. Sturdy postcards and direct mail pieces with targeted content. Books, versioned manuals, collateral and catalogues. That’s what the varioPRINT iX3200 delivers.



Print short-run titles, down to a run length of one, economically and instantly.



Excellent and consistent quality with sharp detail and vivid colour across a wide range of substrates, appropriate to everything from hardware catalogues to luxury goods.



Meet the market need for sending out carefully selected, well targeted, low-page volume content on a frequent basis by offering shorter run-lengths.



Demand-driven production eliminates the unnecessary production and storage cost of excess production that needs to be warehoused and eventually becomes obsolete.


Premium direct mail

Full bleed applications, flyers, perforated coupons and personalized booklets.



Excellent and consistent quality for mass to premium postcards.

iQuariusiX technology

The foundation of the varioPRINT iX3200 is an integration of highly innovative technologies that make it possible to transport a wide range media, print at incredibly high speeds with stunning image quality.

Innovative drying solution

The innovative drying system consists of two steps. In the first step, hot air impingement evaporates water in ink. In the second step, the Post-fixation unit with InkFusion technology uses heat with humidification for a robust ink layer so prints are perfectly prepared for post-processing.

Nozzle uniformity and activity control

Uniformity control technology controls individual nozzles to ensure consistently high smooth print quality, while activity control detects and corrects nozzle failure or misfiring automatically, near real-time.

Sheet entry control

This innovation automatically detects and discards sheets with deformations before they enter the print process for full non-stop production.

Paper Path

The varioPRINT iX3200 ensures accurate and reliable paper transport for all substrates. Next to this, it intelligently interweaves blank and one sided printed sheets for maximal productivity.

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