Printmedien Ennetsee adapts to changing market

Moving from offset to digital improves flexibility

Printmedien Ennetsee AG team

Responding to changing customer needs

Printmedien Ennetsee AG began in 1991 as a traditional offset printer in the Ennetsee region of Switzerland. Known for high quality and service, their customer base expanded over the years. But they also realised that offset technology could not satisfy all their customers’ needs.

As a result, they began to shift their printing from offset to digital technology. In 2020, they removed the last of their offset equipment and became the first company in Switzerland to install the varioPRINT iX2100. Since then, they have been able to improve turnaround times and more quickly adapt to changes in the market.


"With the varioPRINT iX series, we have a more modern production process. We are more productive and can adapt to the market more quickly."

Roman Nussbaumer, CEO
Ennetsee case study video

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