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PRISMA Cloud Services

Access your PRISMA cloud-based workflow applications and print management tools 24/7 through one easy-to-use central web platform.

PRISMA Home helps you take your print operations to new levels of efficiency and allows you to self-activate applications and manage users, subscriptions and devices wherever you are.

You can try PRISMA Cloud Services now with no obligation, using the freemium licenses and 3-month trials to discover additional PRISMA applications and enhance your production workflow with minimal effort.

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Your Home in the cloud

Discover what you can do with the PRISMA Home platform.
  • Centralised web platform

    With our Microsoft Azure cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription, you need just one unique login for all your PRISMA Cloud Services.
    It's easy to deploy as you can log in from any web browser, anytime, anywhere, and access all your applications and tools in one place.

  • Explore free trials

    Try the full functionality versions of all PRISMA cloud applications free for 3 months.

  • Manage team profiles

    Manage and configure your team’s profiles centrally using your unique login.
    Grant specific authorisation levels for each individual.

  • Store jobs in the cloud

    Store your data securely in PRISMA Home cloud – no need to back up data as this is done automatically.

One login, one central platform

Monitor and control your entire print operation securely with one unique login, all from a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Easy to use

PRISMA Home’s intuitive interface makes getting set up and running effortless, with only minimal training required. There is also an online help functionality including video tutorials.

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Anytime, anywhere

Access all your PRISMA cloud workflow applications and tools – and your files, devices and user settings – by logging into PRISMA Home through a web browser from anywhere at anytime

Flexible subscription

Our functionality-based subscription model keeps spending within your operating budget – freeing up capital expenditure for strategic investment.

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Your PRISMA applications and tools

Add value to every stage of your print operations with our range of cloud services: from intuitive cloud-connected workflow applications to tools.

PRISMAcolor Manager

A device-agnostic tool that helps you quickly and accurately check colour measurement data against internal or external standards, for perfect colour, every time.
Find out more about PRISMAcolor Manager:

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PRISMAprepare Go

A user-friendly application for smaller print centres, streamlining job submission, composition, preflighting, and printing. Accelerate your digital transition with minimal training, reduce turnaround times, and provide a secure online platform for customer print job submissions.
Find out more about PRISMAprepare Go:

PRISMAlytics Dashboard

An easy-to-understand management information tool that provides comprehensive overviews of a variety of Canon engines, helping you maximise the productivity of your print operations. Analyse printer performance through multiple views of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), trends, and timelines in one dashboard.
Find out more about PRISMAlytics Dashboard:

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PRISMAlytics Accounting

A simple tool for full and accurate print data capture – per job, customer or department – right from the heart of your PRISMASync driven printer. So you can allocate costs to individual users, departments, groups or clients – no matter how small or large the job.
Find out more about PRISMAlytics Accounting:

PRISMAremote Monitoring

Collect data from the heart of your printer using existing data infrastructure in your printers. The easy-to-use mobile app lets you monitor printer performance and consumables remotely, and provides real-time alerts on jams or other errors.

This image shows a man's hands on a laptop and he is looking at the pop-up window explaining what this feature does  within PRISMA Home

Discover PRISMA Cloud Services

Learn how PRISMA Cloud Services can help you control printer performance and maintain strong customer relationships.
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