TeamsLink: Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Solve the Microsoft Teams external voice calling disconnect with TeamsLink.
Secure, efficient and feature rich, TeamsLink provides cost-effective calling plans and advanced functionality to maximise the value of your Teams system.

Office professionals using secure, efficient and feature rich, TeamsLink



To enable the full functionality of Microsoft Teams and external dialling, your business needs a direct routing add-on. However, the advanced direct routing options offered by Microsoft are limited in terms of bundled minutes and other features crucial to an effective unified communications platform.

Why Choose TeamsLink Direct Routing?

TeamsLink Direct Routing takes your Microsoft Teams deployment to the next level:

  • Increase Productivity

    Extend the functionality of Microsoft Teams to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Maximise ROI

    Maximise ROI by ensuring you have a Microsoft Teams deployment capable of meeting any need or challenge.

  • Simplify & Enhance

    Add-on tools to simplify administration and enhance and secure call centre operations.

  • Remove Limitations

    Overcome use limitations with unlimited UK calling minutes.

  • Omnichannel Support

    Extensions and features to support true omnichannel communications.

  • Rapid & Seamless Deployment

    Fully cloud-based system for instant deployment and no capital outlay.

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TeamsLink Features

TeamsLink by Canon dramatically extends Microsoft Teams functionality to deliver true omnichannel capabilities:
Unlimited UK calls being used with TeamsLink

Your Phone Line, Your Way

Unlimited UK calls, number porting and UK DDI allows you to build a reliable, national presence that your customers can trust.

Advanced Call Centre Operations

TeamsLink provides all your call centre basics – ring groups, follow-the-sun routing, auto attendant, music on hold – and more.

Take your call centre operations to the next level with additional functions, including shared address book, call queues, visual routing manager, skills-based routing and PowerBI routing.

Canon Camera
TeamsLink compliance and security safeguards in use

Compliance & Security Safeguards

Ensure your calls are fully compliant and secure with advanced TeamsLink tools that provide MiFID II Compliant Call Recording, Manual pause/resume for PCI compliance and Live listen functions.

TeamsLink Benefits Recap

TeamsLink from Canon offers all the familiar functionality of Microsoft Teams. In addition, it offers a purpose-built portal for systems administrators, giving them complete visual control over the management of users and call flow.

● Cost savings on calls

● Simple set up

● Feature-rich portal

● Optimise bandwidth and voice quality

● Hybrid platforms for smooth migration

● UK-based technical support

● 20+ years porting and carrier experience

● Teams integrated handsets

● Keep existing numbers

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