Did you know that your Canon office multifunction printer comes with powerful cloud capabilities as standard?

Meet Canon Cloud Connectivity Solutions: the easy way to release the full potential of your Canon fleet and get more from your print and scan investments.
Canon Cloud Connectivity Solutions being used in an workplace


Get connected

Our office devices have in-built cloud print and scan potential. Your potential? Seamless hybrid working and agile collaboration.

Easily print from and scan to common cloud storage providers such as OneDrive for Business, Dropbox or Google Drive – take advantage of Cloud Connector, a simple solution for powerful cloud connectivity and access advanced features such as batch scanning and automated file indexing with Canon uniFLOW Online.

Maximise your time

Print and scan behaviours in most workplaces fail to tap into existing cloud capacities within the organisation.

The result: productivity falls behind, and information security risks proliferate.

We’ve identified five steps to better printing and scanning below.

Level 1: Mobility – ‘Print from cloud’


1. Send pages to print from any location
2. Authenticate at any device
3. Release print job securely


Print job released from cloud at home, office or co-working space.

Work professional using Canon Cloud Connectivity Solutions - print from cloud

Level 2: Simplicity – ‘Scan to email’


1. Scan document at the device
2. Choose their email address as the destination
3. Open email
4. Find document
5. Open documents
6. Rename
7. Save and/or forward to colleagues


Scanned document stored on a device and potentially as an email attachment.

Work professional using Canon Cloud Connectivity Solutions - scan to email

Level 3: Security – ‘Scan to cloud storage’


1. Scan document
2. Select cloud storage location, e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, DropBox, Box etc


Document scanned to correct cloud storage location automatically.
Helping to improve information security, collaboration, and productivity.

Work professionals using Canon Cloud Connectivity Solutions - scan to cloud storage

Level 4: Efficiency – ‘Batch scanning’


1. Log on to device
2. Choose scan icon set up by IT with uniFLOW Online, which scans to a preset cloud location, such as Scan to OneDrive Filing Assist
3. Scan multiple documents using ADF with one pass


Multiple pages separated into individual documents in selected cloud storage location, saving time and improving productivity.

Work professional using Canon Cloud Connectivity Solutions - Batch scanning

Level 5: Automation – ‘File assist’


1. Scan selected documents for a business process at device
2. Use uniFLOW Online Filing Assist at desktop to validate key data (PO number/invoice reference/customer name etc.) and save to cloud location


Document filed and indexed based on the data it contains, ready for further processing.
Improved security and data governance.

Work professional processing invoices


Learn how your business can benefit from Cloud Connectivity Solutions.

More than half of organisations expect to manage printing fully or mostly in the cloud by 2025.

Canon BLI awards for uniFLOW Online
Canon uniFLOW Online has won a Buyers Lab (BLI) 2024 Pick Award for Outstanding Cloud Output Management Solution for the sixth constructive years.

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