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Our cyber security experts have delved into strategies for safeguarding your organisation's data, reputation, and bottom line against increasingly sophisticated and opportunistic threats.
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Hear from the the Cyber Security Experts

83% of organisations have had more than one breach according to IBM’s 2022 ‘Cost of a data breach’ report1 . IDC attribute 51% of all data breach attacks to malicious or criminal actors2.

Businesses face a rising number of diverse cyber security threats, as well as more stringent data protection laws. Meanwhile, the hybrid working model has presented more opportunities for cyber criminals and more challenges for hard-working IT teams.

Gain insights on how you can protect your data, reputation, and bottom line - watch and listen to the experts on our cyber security webinar.

Our Speakers

Our speakers for this special cyber security webinar were Quentyn Taylor from Canon EMEA and Paul Colwell from Wavenet, who have a combined 40+ years of experience across IT, technology, and security.
Quentyn Taylor - Canon IT services webinar speaker

Introducing you to our speakers

Quentyn Taylor

Things that Keep CISO’s Up at Night – hear from Quentyn Taylor, Senior Director of Product, Information Security, and Global Incident Response at Canon EMEA, on how geopolitics is shaping information security and the relationship with cyber threats. How do you know when you've done enough to protect your organisation and how do you prioritise the many alerts, issues and vulnerabilities vying for your attention? What are the key aspects to protecting your business and where should your focus be?

Quentyn has been with Canon for 22 years and has a wealth of knowledge surrounding all things security. Educating business customers to minimise their security risk, Quentyn uses the power of stories and his own experience of testing products to destruction.

Introducing you to our speakers

Paul Colwell

Cyber Criminal Gangs – Paul Colwell, Chief Technology Officer at Wavenet, gives us an understanding of who they are, where they are and what they are after.

Paul has over 20 years’ experience in IT and Technology working with a variety of sectors. Wavenet is a managed services provider of industry-leading cyber security, communications, and technology solutions.

Paul Colwell Chief Technology Officer at Wavenet
Find out how we can help you upgrade, strengthen, and protect your IT estate with our exciting range of industry leading technology solutions.

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