Canon Ascent Programme - Marketing

Learn how to increase your opportunities via various marketing channels such as social media, print, email and more.
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Introducing the Canon Ascent Programme for Marketing

Our expertise and knowledge can help refine your marketing efforts and support you in achieving your overall marketing goals.

We can help

The Canon Ascent programme will help to improve your business’s marketing strategy through our key resources: expert mentors, informative webinars, and in-depth publications.

  • Webinars

    Our webinars are led by industry experts who provide practical insights and support on the latest print industry concepts, ideas, and practises that can be applied to your marketing initiatives.

  • Publications

    Gain access to our extensive publications to help you optimise your sales techniques and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

  • Mentors

    Our mentors are industry experts who can evaluate your current marketing situation, refine your ideas and encourage new perspectives to achieve your marketing objectives.


Learn how our experts can help to support and grow your business.

  • Securing print’s place in the post-lockdown marketing mix

    This 45-minute webinar drew on the experiences of two high-profile former marketing heads who between them have spent hundreds of millions of pounds on print, but, importantly, are not afraid to tell it how it is and detail how print needs to up its game if it’s to retain its place at the top table.

  • Why your sales and marketing need to be best of friends

    Expert keynote speaker and print industry business leader, Marian Stefani, explores what a marketing-led business really is and dissects the marketing-sales relationship. Every customer interaction is a marketing opportunity, so watch now to find out how to approach these situations to better your business.

  • 10 things to kick start your marketing webinar

    This webinar will support you in thinking about the long-term objectives for your business. Your business goals will help you to formulate a marketing plan, but the key to success is adapting your thinking to support the diverse challenges of your customers.

  • Publications

    Articles and publications to get you thinking about new ways of working to maximise your business growth.

  • 10 things to kick start your marketing

    How to apply marketing tactics to promote your business.

  • Getting started with LinkedIn

    Discover the benefits of LinkedIn for promoting your business and communicating with your customers through some simple tips on how to get started.

  • Getting started with Facebook for business use

    Discover the benefits of Facebook for promoting your business and communicating with your customers through some simple tips on how to get started.

  • An introduction to social media and how it can benefit your business

    Understand the role social media can play for your business and how the use of different platforms can support your marketing.

  • Is marketing automation a viable venture for you

    Automate, streamline and measure marketing activities.

  • Search: 10 tips for identifying your unique selling point

    Identify your USP in 10 simple steps and develop your corresponding marketing messages.

  • Marketing plans, campaigns and tactics

    An introduction to the world of marketing strategy, looking at how to start planning and delivering co-ordinated and effective marketing to deliver results.

  • The ultimate guide to using Twitter for business

    An introduction to creating and managing a Twitter account for business use.

  • Setting a marketing budget

    A simple guide covering 10 points to consider when determining the right level of marketing expenditure for your business.

  • Identifying the ideal customer

    How to target marketing spend at the right audience.

  • Mentors

    Mentoring support available within the Canon Ascent Programme gives you access to an industry specialist when you need them over a flexible schedule - from one-off and ad hoc sessions to regular meetings, either in person or remotely, to suit your circumstances.

  • Jacky Hobson

    Jacky has 30 years of marketing experience working mostly in the print industry, developing marketing strategies, plans and tactics to support clients' business plans.

  • Richard Mayer

    Richard’s core expertise lies across the marketing mix with a focus on customer insight, marketing planning, marketing communications and the importance of brand.

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