Canon Ascent Programme - Sales

Learn how to increase sales through a variety of sales techniques, from the psychology of selling to out of the box thinking to help retain and grow your customer base.
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Canon Ascent Programme - Sales


Introducing the Canon Ascent Programme for Sales

Our expertise and knowledge can help refine your sales efforts and support you in achieving your overall sales objectives.

We can help

The Canon Ascent programme will help to improve your sales strategy through our key resources: expert mentors, informative webinars, and in-depth publications.

  • Webinars

    Our webinars are led by industry experts who provide practical insights and support on the latest print industry concepts, ideas, and practises that can be applied to your sales initiatives.

  • Publications

    Gain access to our extensive publications to help you optimise your sales techniques and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

  • Mentors

    Our mentors are industry experts who can evaluate your current sales approach, refine your ideas and encourage new perspectives to achieve your sales objectives.


Learn how our experts can help to support and grow your business.

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    Supercharging your sales (in Covid)

    Understand how your salespeople are key to differentiating your business from your competitors. Using the lessons of the Neuroscience of trust (brain chemistry), learn how questioning can drive a whole different outcome approach for you and your team. Presented by Andrew Milbourn, CEO of Kiss the Fish.

    Additional tools from the speaker

    New business qualification tool >
    Sales planning template >
    Monthly sales reporting template >
    Orbit strategic planning tool >

  • Publications

    Articles and publications to get you thinking about new ways of working to maximise your business growth.

  • Two office professionals discussing data on an iPad – Canon UK

    Understanding the buying cycle

    Discover how to identify your most valuable prospects.

  • Office professionals in a meeting room talking amongst themselves – Canon UK

    Listen up, improve your customer conversations

    Learn how to have meaningful conversations with your customers by examining how to truly listen.

  • Woman in the snowy forest with her hands opened wide – Canon UK

    Winning the deal - negotiation

    Simple tips and rules to follow helping you to close that deal and be more successful in your negotiations with customers and suppliers.

  • Work professionals in the office hugging and celebrating – Canon UK

    Winning new business

    How to win new businesses with your current customer base but also through brand new customer acquisition.

  • Work professionals in the office standing together smiling and laughing – Canon UK

    Customer retention

    Discover how to develop new proactive approaches in order to increase the retention of your customer base.

  • Work professional sitting at a table doing work on her laptop – Canon UK

    Handling objections

    Learn how to address common objections encountered during the sales process and even how to use them to your advantage.

  • Mentors

    Mentoring support available within the Canon Ascent Programme gives you access to an industry specialist when you need them over a flexible schedule - from one-off and ad hoc sessions to regular meetings, either in person or remotely, to suit your circumstances.

  • Andrew Milbourn – Canon Ascent Programme mentor

    Andrew Milbourn

    For the past 26 years Andrew has worked in and around sales and across several industries and companies, from one-man businesses to the boards of plcs. He has pioneered a new contemporary sales process that leads the way in sales growth and customer engagement. He is very much a 'sleeves-rolled-up', 'let's-get-involved' leader who will show you and your business the way to increased success through people.

  • Paul Spiers – Canon Ascent Programme Mentor

    Paul Spiers

    Founder of The New P&L – Brand Purpose Institute & host of The New P&L – Principles & leadership in Business podcast series, Paul is a consultant, speaker and author on topics and trends around Principles & Leadership in Business as well as commercial creativity and business innovation.

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