Business Software for Information Security & Compliance

Information Security is increasingly top of mind for businesses. But business software with outdated or clunky security features can cause frustration and make it harder for employees to do their jobs.

That’s why Canon offers secure, scalable and resilient solutions to help you safeguard sensitive data throughout the document lifecycle – for paper or digital documents. We’ll give you the tools to protect data during printing, scanning, sharing and processing, while meeting the latest security regulations.
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Canon Business Solutions Information Security

Printing, scanning, sharing: there’s potential security pitfalls at every stage of the document lifecycle.

Our software solutions use the latest security features to safeguard your business-critical documents and content, and keep them from falling into the wrong hands.


Enhance Information Security with Canon Business Software

Prevent security breaches

Defend your workspace from cyber attacks

Protect your business

Avoid fines and brand damage caused by information leaks

Boost compliance

Enable your company’s data security policies and meet regulations

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Key Features

Protect your sensitive data and enhance security and compliance for your documents - whether in paper or digital format.

Manage Print & Devices

Restrict document access and device functionality and gain visibility of your fleet

Capture Information Safely

Protect key data with encrypted, cloud-based document capture

Control Content & Processes

Support your digital transformation goals and stay secure with industry-leading content management workflows

Keep Communications Secure

Ensure content goes where it’s needed – and nowhere else – using robust document delivery processes

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Information Security with Canon: Solutions Factsheet

Your information is valuable. Our software solutions help you keep it under lock and key.

Download our free factsheet for a detailed look at the advanced security technology used in our business software solutions to protect your data.

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