Information Security in Action

Successful hybrid working means that data is secure, regardless of how and where it’s used. Here’s how Canon can help.
Information security in action


Canon Information Security Solutions

It’s hard to keep data safe in a hybrid working environment. We’ve got the tools to help you protect your greatest treasure.

Our free comic book brings two real-world scenarios in data security and compliance to life, highlighting the secret weapons businesses can use to lock their data down.
Video about Information Security in Action

Security through the document lifecycle

Our solutions are built to prevent attacks, protect data and safeguard compliance, through every stage of the document lifecycle.

Our ‘secure by design’ approach takes the hard work out of keeping information safe, whether through our print and scan devices, extensively tested software, or bespoke security services.

  • Manage Print & Devices

    Print is challenging for security and compliance, as it’s difficult to have complete visibility of user or document activity, this can result in data breaches.

  • Capture Information

    Scanned documents containing sensitive details should reach their desired destination securely. User errors during manual data capture.

  • Process Content

    Outgoing communications, documents and data need to be managed securely to avoid information compliance issues.

  • Communicate

    Personal data and sensitive information of customers & employees needs to be stored, processed & destroyed securely, in compliance with data privacy.

Information Security in Action

Our comic book can show you how to solve real-life security challenges in a hybrid working world. Practical fixes for your data problems, illustrated in style.

You’ll see how organisations like yours can use the latest tools to confidently confront data security threats and compliance pitfalls.

Take a look now and learn how to shore up your defences…

Information security in action
Work professional using hybrid working module


Wavenet Q&A: How has hybrid working changed the threat landscape and how can companies adapt?

In a wide-ranging Q&A, Paul Colwell, Chief Technology Officer at Wavenet, explores how information security has taken a back seat in the rush to adapt new ways of working.


Your security benefits with Canon

  • Prevent attacks

    Safeguard information by protecting data from accidental or malicious threats, as well as protecting organisations’ perimeters.

  • Protect data

    Prevent potential information leakage and maintain full control over how documents are accessed or used.

  • Maintain compliance

    Demonstrate and maintain compliance with data regulations, and avoid fines and associated costs.

  • Safeguard reputation

    Avoid brand reputational damage due to data breaches and related fines by legislators.


    Information Security with Canon

    Whether you’re charting a path through compliance minefields or defending critical data from criminals, we’re here to help.

    Get the detail on our approach to information security and learn how our products, solutions and services work to protect your business.

    Information Security with Canon

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